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Lunch was really fun with Bingo, Ginger and Cocoa! We ate hamburgers! My favorite yum! Bingo asked me to send a message to everyone at the Foley house, saying that he is very healthy and happy now. He misses “maxie” he said and sees that you got a new one for the pack. See, he knew that! We know stuff up here, so don’t think you can get a new dog without ME telling you that it is okay! It’s NOT time yet and I know how you love to look at dogs who need homes online. I am worried you are not getting to the park without me. I know you are leaving for Florida on Wednesday, so try to get to the park before you go the weather is supposed to be nice this weekend. Get some fresh air.

Today was one week since I last saw you on earth, I thought about you all day and I know you thought about me too. I have a feeling you will head to the park tomorrow, right? I hope so – you need to go visit our tree before we head to Florida – oh yeah, I am coming too – I will be with you in spirit for sure! Are you taking my leash – I heard you were thinking about it. Oh, you did not know I can telepathically read your thoughts. Uh huh! I always could down there, but you knew that anyway. Is Safari bored without me ?Make sure you play with him more and protect him like I did – I know you will – I will be watching!

So after lunch the other day, Bingo, Ginger and Cocoa went to this great place called Tingle Forest. It’s located on the North end of town. You have to imagine that the land over the Rainbow Bridge is divided into vast spaces, like on earth. You cannot meet everyone, (just like on earth) but what seems to happen is that people on earth who are related (or freinds) might find their pets in the same general vicinity, that is how I found Bingo and everyone because you and April are sisters – get it? So Tingle Forest was really cool. The trees there make a very soft tingly sound when the wind blows – it’s really beautiful. It was Cocoa who knew about it. I just love that name Tingle Forest. So I have started to hang out there and sit under one of the trees, sleep and and play over there. I live not too far from there in a neighborhood called Hyfryd.  I love my home and guess who lives next door? BARKLEY!  I forgot to tell you about it! Of course  it is one level mainly with just a few stairs up to my bedroom, which is very cushy and nice. I put pictures of us everywhere – just like you have!

 My fridge is stocked with every food I love – YEP! TURKEY! haha!  I just touch a button with my nose and it pops open and I bark out what I want and my food simply slides out on this very high-tech board-like thing that serves it right into a bowl on the floor!  It’s so cool how it works and I do not know who invented it but they must have been one VERY smart dog! I want to invent something useful – what do you think I could invent? I have all the water I want by the way and now I do not need to drink water every 2 minutes. I tell you mommy, that is such a relief! I was very sick of peeing so much – what a pain that was – it is nice to free of all ailments but not having you with me is the trade-off, I guess. I do miss you so much.

I know you have been crying – you even cried today – EVERYTIME you talk about me you cry! At some point you have to stop at least a little. Can you? You should, but I kinda like it that you miss me so very much. You are the best and always will be. Okay I will go for now cause you need to write me a letter too! Do you have one for me? Oh! and by the way – that was very nice of Dr Crago’s office to put me on the website. I loved the Tribute you wrote about me. Yes, I have my own computer too, we just bark out the words and they go right in there – I took the liberty of  letting Lou set up an email off your website so it’s bailey@maddickmedia.com, so you can send me email and pictures too! I saw that stationary you just ordered with my pic on it – very nice! I love you mommy….

Big Kisses, Wet and Cold,


My Bailey,

Yes I was crying. I cannot help it. April thinks I may be crazy, though I do not think so. The Tingle Forest sounds very cool and I am glad that Hyfryd is a good neighborhood. So Barkley lives next door just like here, that is very wonderful! Who else are you two hanging out with? I will await to hear about them. I am glad that you made friends with Bingo, Ginger and Cocoa. I assume they live in Hyfryd too or somewhere nearby? To answer all your questions: Yes, Safari misses you and is bored without you so I have been playing with him more and giving him EXTRA brushing time cause  know he loves that! Yes, I am taking your leash with on the trip. symbolically you are with me always. I have it hanging around the first picture I ever took of you, but I am taking it “for a ride in the car,” cause who loves a ride more than you?! Also, I have not been to the park since you and I went last. That is going to be  hard one for me. I think since today is only one week, I have not had the guts. I plan on going tomorrow because yes, the weather is supposed to be nice. I feel it will be a very lonely walk without. You will be there in my heart. I think I know each and every leaf you peed on and every step will have you in it. There will be lots of dogs there and it will be very hard, but I know you want me to do it so you too can be there. I have some of your bones that I want to sneak into the mulch of your tree. I will bury them there for you and see how the Red Maple looks since the last time. Leaves are falling pretty fast here.

Did you know that Daddy had a white gold heart necklace made for me with a red ruby in it for you? It was so very sweet of him and now we are awaiting the matching earrings. He misses you too. It’s really beautiful just like you my sweet girl. As to what you could invent…well since you always were looked upon as being the most beautiful girl that everyone admired, maybe you could make some pretty dog tags that would coordinate with the mommys and daddys that the dogs miss, using the favorite colors of the families, like red for you and me. You always loved to look your best so maybe you could do something along those lines – you are a true girl after all!

Well, I am pretty tired, we had to get up early today for an appointment. I am going to the park in the morning. I am hoping  that it’s very sunny. It is supposed to be, but there will never be as much sunshine as there was with you by my side. Miss you and love you baby girl….Nose to Nose kisses back at you, Mommy