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Dear Mommy,

That last letter you sent was so beautiful and it made me cry thinking about how much you miss me. I feel exactly the same you know but I don’t want you to be sad. You have to celebrate the love we shared everyday from now on, okay? I mean, it’s okay to msis me and cry too, but I rather you be smiling like in this picture, which I love of us. You are holding me so sweetly, like you always did – like a mom who loves their furry child the VERY MOST!!! – YES! That would be be ME!

Let me tell you why I am thankful, since this is my favorite holidaytoo especially cause it involves my favorite food- Turkey!

I am thankful for you finding me and giving me the BEST home in the whole universe.

 I am thankful that you helped me get rid of a lot of different health problems from the very start.

 I am thankful that our cat, Safari liked me so much and let me herd him around.

I am thankful that you worked at home and got to be with me 24/7!

I am VERY thankful for getting to have two big houses with lots of room.

I am thankful for everytime you brought hom new food, you were thoughtful and brought me some new veggie bones and a new toy.

Can you imagine how thankful I am for all the turkey you gave me – not the deli stuff either – you only gave me the real cooked stuff – so delicious!

I am thankful that you never got mad at me when I gobbled down Safari’s food when I first came to love with you and daddy. I LOVE cat food!

You mentioned all the zillions of miles we logged on foot and by car; SO TRUE! I am so thankful for that – not to mention the doggie parks in PA and Florida AND OUR FAVORITE PLACE TO WALK – BUHL PARK!!!!

I am thankful you always took me shopping in FL – Those gals at Bath and Body Works and Dillards really loved me!

I am thankful for my very special Red Maple tree in Buhl Park and the beautiful dedication that honors me – I am sure I am the ONLY dog in the 400 plus acres that has their own tree!!!

Mommy, I could go on and on and on and my list would probably never end because our family was the BEST family. You could be a dog because you are such a loyal person. I see how you treat daddy too and how much you love and care for him and of course Safari too! That is just who you are, as your friend Jennifer likes to say. Loyality is very important to us dogs and it’s nice to see that some people have that too – it’s just that you go above and beyond – And, by the way, I KNOW this is true, cause I read all the cards you got after I crossed over the Rainbow Bridge and EVERYONE said that in their cards about you and how well you took care of me! You never put yourself first and you are a very thoughtful person and I love that about you. I knew it the minute we met and THAT is why I kissed you immediately so you would take me home and see, you did! I knew right then you loved kisses too!

Today Mommy, I want you to think of all the things you and I have to be thankful for. I’m thankful for www.Petfinder.com  who helped you find me! Had you never been searching for Border Collies on there, we would have never met, so I have to say I AM VERY thankful for that. Remember that we have much MORE to be thankful for than not and most of all I am simply thankful for US!

Barkley, Bingo and I are having Thanksgiving with Caru and Onwen. I am so excited. There is PLENTY of turkey up here for everyone. We are having it at my doggie den. I am making a beautiful table like you enjoy making- you taught me everything! 

I love you so much. Write me back soon because I love your letters and I know you love mine. What’s not to love because they are from each other!!!

Your Loving, Smiling, Sweet, Bailey Girl (kisses! nose to nose!)