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Dearest Bailey,

Today is one month since we said goodbye to our physical relationship. I carry your lock of hair and a treat of yours with me in my purse. Today I pulled out the treat to smell it like you did, with a sense of vigor and interest.

I am glad you were going to have a nice Thanksgiving. We did too and whenever I eat turkey I think of you. When don’t I thtink of you? If I see something you would like, I think of you. You never are out of my mind and I know I am not out of yours either.

It poured rain late in the day and we are supposed to experience some cooler weather. Ralston was here – he misses you, as does Mai, working on some landscaping in the front of the house. You would really like this cat Gracie that hangs around. I named her that. She is very loving and sweet and VERY social like you…sometimes I wonder if you sent her here? I keep thinking that I could never meet another dog like you. There is sometimes a bond so joyous and special – like what Russell and I have. People always tell us that they wish they had a relationship/and or marriage like we have. Sometimes you just know something is right for you and you and I were just like that. Safari is that way too. I can never imagine him having anyone else to care of him but me. Since you crossed over the Rainbow Bridge he has been extra close and loving. He misses you too.

I just wanted to tell you that I love you so much. All those pictures I took of you now are hanging up here. They look so great because you are just so gorgeous! Write me soon of your adventures. I do not have anything too exciting to report and I am sad today without you. I cannot believe I have lived without you for a whole month. I can’t stand it. I hear your woof and bark and see your smile in everything that perfect. I miss your kisses.

Nose to Nose with all my love,