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Mommy. Hello!

Do you see how I GAZED into your eyes in this picture? I LOVE this picture because it shows how I can look deep into your soul!

I know you had an upsetting day yesterday. Do you think it was by coincidence that the ONLY dog waiting at the vet in the lobby was named Bailey – AND it was an OLDER dog – a male yes, but a Bailey dog! And did you not think it was ODD that they did not even stay for their appointment? I heard her say she had to leave for work so she could not wait any longer and the Bailey’s legs were better.

So, that left you in the waiting room with that little stray cat Gracie, who you so kindly took to the doctor because you knew she was feeling bad. You amaze me mommy, you are always there to help the injured or sick. It’s like you are the animal nurse to wayward furry souls! I saw the look on your face when that Dr. Mark said she was dying and could not breathe. Here, I have only crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge a few weeks ago and there you were dealing with death of a furry girl – again. Even though she was not your cat, you helped her cross over and I just love you for that. Of course there was a Bailey dog there cause it was really me although I am NO SPRINGER SPANIEL and I am way prettier! haha. (Although that Bailey boy had nice brown eyes like me – not AS nice, but sweet.)

I was there to help you through the trauma, Mommy and I made sure they let Gracie live close to me here in Hyfryd. I met her at the end of the Bridge yesterday and I told her who I was. She said hello and could breathe fine. again. You were right she is very pretty and social like me. Funny, you had just mentioned her in the last letter and now here she is with all of us. I told her how special you are and that she should hang with us and she was so happy to have made friends with me, Onwen, Caru and Barkley of course. So just so you know, we have taken her in and she is safe. Here is here picture:

She is very beautiful with those emerald eyes! Not as special as my brown ones, but hey you and I are “brown-eyed” girls – they made a song about us! I am sorry you had to go through such a bad day. I know it was shocking that she was so sick and you did not know until he told you, but honestly, Mommy, you did the right thing for her. She is going to be lots of fun here. She already came over for a bowl of Friskies today. Yes, I keep my den stocked, because for some reason, cats just love me. I have to introduce her to these other cat friends in due time: Shauna, Emid and Emyr and Risari – those are a few of my favorite cat buddies who stop over to chow and chat!

How is my Safari? I miss him – he is the sweetest – bet he misses me too. I know, he does! Yet, it is YOU I miss the most. Daddy too. Yes, it has been a month of missed kisses and hugs and petting my beautiful fur- don’t forget that, please!  I had planned on writing you about my adventures, but I will save that for next time, since all this came up with Gracie, I thought that was more important. I wanted to tell you all was okay with her. She will be fine and her crossing was peaceful because of you. Know that and feel it mommy. You see, I was with you and you will always be surrounded by me. We are inseparable!

With The Very Most Love Always,  Your Sweetest Bailey Girl xoxoxoxoxooxoxox