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Dear Bailey,

My screen saver seems to be a never-ending kaleidoscope of your many faces, actions and antics. I see you not only in my heart everyday, but in pictures everywhere. With Christmas approaching, I am further reminded that you will be having your own party over the Rainbow Bridge with your friends and that I will be here without you by my side at the Christmas tree which you loved to dig your toy presents out from under. I am going to miss that.

We are leaving on our cruise this Friday. Daddy and I need a vacation after this difficult year, so I won’t be able to write until I get back, but I will have lots of adventures to write about afterwards.  Of course I am taking yours and Safari’s picture with as I always did. I feel bad for him too since you are not there to watch over him like you did so well, but I have two people doing so! I loved the way you protected him always.

You remember Rodeo right? I took him for a walk the other day. He was so happy to go but he was wondering where you were and so were Lola and Courage. EVERYONE around here misses you so much – you were everyone’s favorite girl, especially mine of course! I wish people would stop telling me to “get another dog.”  No one understands that my Bailey set VERY HIGH standards and I keep telling everyone that I am awaiting your decision about that at the right time and the way you have been communicating with me, I know that you will send me a clear sign.

It was nice of you to meet Gracie at the Bridge. I appreciate that. It was a bad day for me and I knew that you would! When daddy was watching football yesterday, I was talking about you and all of a sudden I see the back of the Dallas Cowboy named what else–BAILEY! I just happened to walk in at the very second he appeared on-screen, so I imagined that you were playing ball in Hyfryd. Were you? I wish I was playing ball with you. I miss that so much.

I really don’t want to bother with the tree since this is a longer trip and Christmas will be soon after we return, but I have to for Safari. He loves a tree and knocking down those ornaments. Everytime I go into Petsmart without you it’s just so weird. All the people there asked about you and miss you. Everything is a constant reminder that you are not with me and it’s just very difficult. I wonder if you miss me as much? I know we are still connected in many spiritual ways, but how I long to touch your beautiful, long fur and brush you after I bath you.  Your constant kisses are a lack that I cannot stop thinking about. You are just so adorable and your love is so unique.

Anyway, sorry I sound like this. I do not mean to. I just miss you. I will write after the trip. If you want to write before I leave, please do I LOVE to hear from you my Sweet Girl! I know you will….

Nose to Nose,  xoxoxoxooxoxox