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Hi Mommy!!!!!!!! I am sending you this picture…Remember this? This is such a great picture of me, if I do say so myself! Yeah, so I could not BELIEVE that guy in Fresh Market told you that he was going to have a kid and name it Bailey and then when you were watching TV last night – the victim in the show was named BAILEY! You have heard my name more times  than BEFORE I crossed over the Rainbow Bridge, haven’t you….? I cannot say I am not amused by all of this. There is NO WAY you could ever forget ME, of course, but no one else is letting you either and you don’t even know these people!

I am excited you are gong on the cruise. I cannot believe it’s your 21st anniversary! Congratulations, of course I knew I had special, LOVING parents! I know you have my hair from my brush in the little bag and a doggie treat in your purse…you are just so funny. You want to take me wherever you go, because you always did, which I loved of course. Don’t forget my picture now – oh and Safari’s too, of course! I want to hear all about it. Maybe you could take notes and then be all ready to write me a VERY LONG letter when you return. Sounds like a plan, right?

Well, we are gearing up here in Hyfryd for the holidays. I helped decorate the tree in town. It’s 20 feet tall and all the decorations pertain to animals; cats, dogs, birds, squirrels, you name it. There are some very funny ornaments too. There is this one that magically runs somehow. It has a bird feeder and a squirrel chases another squirrel around it. I love watching it but I cannot figure how it works – maybe with batteries? I took a picture of Safari that I had – yes, the one I am sending on here. I put it in a Best Brother Frame and hung it up on the tree.  Everyone here in Hyfryd does that for their animal companions that they miss. I have MANY pictures of you andme,  THAT is for sure. I am glad you are such a crazy camera person!

 I know you probably think that getting a dog home in time for the holiday is a good idea, but we agreed that you needed at least 6 months, so I AM NOT sending you a SIGN until that time, so just get over it. Sure, look all you want at all those doggie pictures but I have to find you the best doggie for you – you know that! And, I will, in good time. Mommy, you went through a lot of stress with my illness and this is your first vacation since last year and you and daddy really need it – so ENJOY it. I want you to, okay? I love you so very much, you know that and you know, the holidays are ALL ABOUT spirituality and you and I could not have a better connection that way. We are together in our hearts and minds and like you said, we always will be. 

That was very nice of you by the way to give $100 to Guiding Eyes for the Blind in my name for the holidays. I love you for that – well, I love for everything, but like your friend Cathy says, you have a big ol’ animal heart! I think that sounds so funny but it’s true. That money will go to good use to help train the dogs for people who need them to love and survive.  That is a beautiful gift Mommy. And, even though you probably have a hard time knowing this, you gave me the best gift by not making me suffer. I hated that bladder tumor and having to pee constantly and the second I crossed over the Rainbow Bridge I was healed and I feel perfect. That must be the trade-off I think. You have to leave the ones you love for a while, but you get perfect health in return. That is a good gift for sure. And of course, my dear mommy, we were the best gift that anyone ever gave to each other – along with you and daddy and Safari of course!  Have a good trip! Travel safe and write me when you return. I will be around you….

A ton of love and nose to nose kisses….

Your Bailey LoveT