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My Dearest Bailey,

So the year has begun and I wonder when I will stop marking days in relation to all things having to do with you? I think never! I know you want me to stop doing this sort of thing and live in the present moment, but you know I have always had a hard time with that. In fact, one of the MANY BEST things you taught me was to live in the moment– and we shared so many of those moments. It was in moments, like playing with you and your bone, walking and watching you smell and focus on one particular spot of grass or shredded leaf that was always amazing to me. I took such simple joy in those special pieces of time. How you could smell one thing for 5 whole minutes, which in turn would make me stop, take notice,  and think why and what does that smell like to her? Without you, I don’t do it as much anymore. I know Safari has been enjoying all the extra time and attention, but he never wants to play as long as you would want to that is for sure!

How is that favorite bone of yours in this picture? I let you take all your very special stuff with you over the Rainbow Bridge to Hyfryd, but I still have a bag load of those toys because you told me keep them for the dog you will hopefully find for us! You always loved to share – that is why you have a mommy named Sherri! Different spelling, but at least my name has the word sound of share in it, right? I loved sharing everything with you right? Including my food! Yesterday Safari wanted a little teeny piece of crust, and it made me think of you since you loved crust so much! Are you getting any in Hyfryd? I bet that you are if I know my Bailey!

So how did everyone in Hyfryd ring in 2012? Did you do anything exciting? If you did, please tell me all about it in your next letter!  We didn’t do anything. It was just like a regular day. I am going to try to be a semi- vegetarian and just eat vegetables and seafood once in a while. I think it will be hard to give up chicken, but I am going to try very hard. I never cared about beef – Oh boy, you always LOVED your beef!!! Chicken will be a hard one, but I just don’t like idea of eating animals anymore. Today was the starting day!

Did you see that I wore the red purse for the first time today? I bet that you did. I was wearing a red sweater so it went well with it and it made me think of you. Red anywhere makes me think of your special red Coach Collar and Leash, which is still in the car in a special compartment so your spirit will always ride in the car with us! Sometimes I still look into the rearview mirror and think, where is my girl?  I miss going to the dog park in Estero too. I am sure everyone there misses you too. It was always cute when Wes called you the “Movie Star.”  You were just that and everyone recognized that quality, my sweet diva girl.

I watched one of your videos yesterday and started crying…I know…I know…but I love hearing you whine and talk and bark. I love that I can hear you and see you move. I miss your movement all around me – after all you never stopped moving! You were like a whirlwind of love surrounding me always. It’s just so hard not having that energy around anymore. I am sure you have brought that with you to Hyfryd and now that you feel like a healthy girl again, I can only imagine the beauty that you bring to your town and furry pals. You will tell me all about it in your next scribe, okay? Mommy is tired. I have worked a lot at the computer today and you did always make me take breaks and now, perhaps I don;t break often enough unless Safari comes over and walks on the keyboard— telling me to stop and pay attention, so of course I do. I get into the moment as best as I can. I just wish I had more of those moments with you too.

Forever and ever your mommy….xoxooxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxo