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Dear Mommy,

I know you must be wondering why I have taken 10 days into the new year to write to you when you have already written. I have wanted to, but this time (and I know I have told you not to do this) I am the one having a hard time. I was thinking about 2008, when you came into my life and how fun it was. Oh, don’t get me wrong, Hyfryd is beautiful and I have so many friends and my den is very nice, posh and diva like (of course) but I was thinking as the year began that the one thing that was missing was you. Well, actually 3 things were missing – you, daddy and safari. Although I have been entranced with my new life up here, as 2012 began it sort of hit me that this was MY first year without you in 3-1/2 years. You are my family and always will be and I miss you so much.

I see how much work you have been doing on Facebook  in regard to help in rescuing dogs, especially ones at high risk. Keep up the posting I hope that it helps!~ Yes, we have doggiebook up here and they just told us that soon I will be able to post on your site. It would help if you set me up an account on your dogbook they said, so work on that, okay? I know that makes you want to rescue another dog and I know daddy is not ready and I certainly don’t think that safari is. I saw how he was when Zoe came rushing into the house – and she’s a tiny dog! He was not too fond of Rodeo and he’s my size! I really want you ALL to be ready together. I know you, you would rescue everyone if you could – your heart is always in the perfect place. It certainly was on June 20, 2008 when we found each other.

So I was having a hard time as I sat down to write you under my favorite tree. I think it just hit me that this year will be our real first year of physical separation and I long to push my nose into your face and kiss and lick you and walk with you and drive you crazy! haha! I was running with some friends the other day and I was winning and I was remembering as I slowed in my running with you up our special path you would ALWAYS says, Bailey Wins! Bailey Wins! You always let me win at everything. You are the perfect mommy and who would not miss their perfect mommy, so that is why I did not write sooner. I will admit it, I was a little sad. You know, Border Collies are strong though and JUST like you, I am a strong female, so I thought about not ever telling you all of this, but I can’t help it. I have to be honest.

I personally did not do much of anything to ring in the New Year because of all of this. Barkley was here and we shared some good hamburgers and some potatoes. He misses John and Tracy and we commiserated about all of this. Onwen and company came over later and we barked some songs and fell asleep before midnight. I know – none of you made it either. My tree looked good but I took it down on the 1st just like you did and I hung your picture on my tree like you did there. Aren’t we just the same, you and me? I know we are so if you were a dog mommy, you would be a high energy Border Collie – everyone said we had the same dark brown eyes!

So that is about all since the New Year. Today is the 10th and it feels like more days have gone by. And, by the way, when are you ordering the book? I am so excited! Do it tomorrow! I want to be the star of the blog book (of course). Red cover, right? Good!! I cannot wait! That will cheer us both up – or maybe it will make us cry? Ahhhh, either way, it shows that we are forever connected no matter what year it is, so that is one thing that IS the same in this New Year. In our hearts we are truly one. Always and Always.

Write me soon, mommy! I love you way up to the stars xoxooxoxox

Your Sweet Bailey Girl