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My Dearest Bailey,

So you were having a hard time? I am sorry my sweetest girl. I guess now you can empathize with me here on this side of the Rainbow Bridge. Today, little Zoe came into the house twice and Angel did too. They got a cheese treat and Safari did not know what to think. He sort of gets scared of Angel because she is bigger, but he does not seem to mind little Zoe Zoe.

Your letter made me think how much I miss you and how my life is so so different without you in it. All the things I am not participating in, such as my early morning walk with you, doggie park and ride-in-the-car activities. Time goes by so very fast and I am so saddened by all the dogs and cats who need good, loving homes. Yesterday, did you lead me to www.petfinder.com – since that is how I found you! I was just looking around for Border Collies and found a rescue place in Minerva, Ohio. It’s called Indian Summers Border Collie Rescue. There was a little girl on there named Joy whose story broke my heart. I wrote them a letter to inquire about her but have not heard back. She is really pretty and sounds scared but very sweet. She was abandoned by her people, just like you. That makes me so mad! How anyone can give up their animal companion is beyond my comprehension!

I am kind of tired tonight. I did not sleep all that well last night and I am still not completely over my cold. My head still hurts! Zoe was giving me so many doggie kisses. I think she knows how much I need them and miss them from you most of all. I hope that you are feeling better and not as sad. I think I have enough sad thoughts for both of us but you told me not to! We got the boat over to the marina yesterday and I saw a huge line of sky writing again and I knew that was you. I know you loved to be on the water or near the water and I think you were saying hello – the sky was so blue – was that you? I am not feeling so creative tonight to write a really good letters. I wanted to see what you thought of Joy. I want to know more about her. I actually thought that maybe you would look for a boy for me! Whatever you tell me….I will know…or I should say, we will know…

I love you my dear girl and miss you each day,