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Dear Mommy,

Thanks for your letter, sorry it has taken me this long to write back, but I, like you, have not felt that creative lately. Barkley had a bad cold and I had to help her and make her a good stew with a lot of carrots. She does not like them as much as I do, but she ate them and got better pretty quickly thanks to your “Nurse Bailey.” I knew you would be proud of me, looking after her like I have. She is barking away and running around like a crazy girl in circles again, as a good Jack Russell should do.

Aside from Barkley, I saw you and daddy suffered through some bad colds too, huh? Glad to see you are much better too. I did read your note in regard to Joy. I think you have to meet her of course and then you will know. I still do not think daddy is ready but he will be in a few months, but think more about Safari. I know he is getting all of your attention now and probably loves it; remember he is 10 now too!

So I have a favor. I see you did not like Dogbook. I checked it out at the Woofbrary and I don’t like it either, but I do want my own Facebook page, okay? Please get on that! We have to get this book thing going. You were really on a roll with getting me a lot of publicity, so we cannot stop now! Ha! I know you are smiling now….You are so cute, mommy. I am missing you a lot this week and I know you have had perfect weather and you were thinking how much I would love to be on the boat with you and daddy with the wind blowing in my hair….yeah, those were the good ol’ days for sure and I truly miss them. We do not have boats here in Hyfryd – that is the one thing that is missing. We have a lot of greenery and some lakes in parks so we can swim. You know us collies are not big on the full swimming thing, but I do like to get my paws wet and stomp around so me and Onwen have been doing that a lot lately. I see you are having a little valentines party- I am mad that I cannot be there – you know I love parties and people! I think I will have one here the same day you are and then we can compare notes, okay? I can decorate and I can bake little doggie treats in the shape of hearts. You are my heart mommy and I love that you wear the Ruby heart on your neck in my honor. We are linked together forever you and I. You know that, don’t you? I know you do because I feel it so strongly. There is such a sense of you being around me still, do you feel it too. Does it happen because both of us feel it all the time? I think so. In fact, I know so and I love that so much.

I love this picture of us in Florida. I have it hanging up in my den – I framed it and everything! Well Mommy, I think I want to go to sleep and I think you are tired too, since we always went to sleep at the same time! Write me soon and let me know if you can make me a Facebook page, okay? Maybe I don’t want one? You decide! You and me always figure things out, right? After all we picked each other!

Your Loving Bailey,