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My Sweet Bailey,

Everyday when I turn on the computer this picture appears, along with one other picture of you and two of Safari as well.

I say, awww, that is my girl and I continue to miss you so much. I have come to the realization that I will never not miss you, I will only have to come to terms with not living with you and that is hard.

So each day, there is something that happens it seems. Last night, after the sun set, we ran an errand and I noticed the moon was a crescent, but it was unusual in the fact that the belly of the moon was lit. The crescent was a sliver of a smile amongst the dark sky and clouds. I knew that was you smiling at me, just like you are doing in this picture.

I have perhaps more than 500 pictures of you (at least!) and in so many of them you are smiling – almost all of them. You are such a joyous person. You made me laugh and smile all the time and perhaps that is what I missing, because, honestly, I feel amiss without that love of yours because it was simply very special.

I have met many dogs in my lifetime, but none like you. When Zoe, or Zo Zo, as I like to call her, comes over, she has that shine to her like you. She is an energetic little redhead who I do adore. She is always loving and sweet and she gives as many kisses as you. I know that she knows I miss you and I still think that she kisses me extra for you. She is a charmer, much like you and for that and her love, I am truly grateful. I do not think anyone around me realizes how much I miss having you in my life and how teary-eyed I get when I write these letters to you. The good part however, is that we can do this and perhaps teach others that it is okay to have these feelings and a spirituality between us. We have that without a doubt and it is a great gift.

I know you never thought YOU would become a writer, but you have done an excellent job and hopefully you will tell me you learned everything from me, your writer mommy! Since I have been one my whole life, it is no surprise that you, my sweet girl with who I have everything in common, would be one too! And that reminds me that you are slowly getting some friends on Facebook. I plan on working more on it tomorrow as I will be home all day, but I am sure you know your page is up and you are looking good my cutie.

It is late now and I should go to sleep so I can get up early and get to work on some more writing for you and work on our book project. I know you are excited and so am I. We are a team you and I, on and above the earth forever shall we be. I will look forward toward your next note.

Good night My Sweet Bailey Girl. I love you so,

Mommy xoxooxox