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Good Monday Morning to you…I am SOOO sorry for not writing sooner since my last letter, but Onwen and I took a little trip to see his cousin Taffy who is an older Border Collie and he lives in the town of Seren. I suspect you might have been outside last night because I felt you looking up at the stars – it was a very clear night, wasn’t it? The sky was so clear that I thought I saw you sitting on the chair outside in the cool air last night. Were you looking up? I thought you were. Did you notice that the belly of the moon’s smile shape made a larger smile? I saw that I am sure you did too.

I think that happened because were in Seren and guess what Seren means? STAR! Like you always told me, everything happens for a reason, we just cannot figure out one thing and that is why we have to be separated from our loved ones. When someone figures that out, let me know cause they will probably get the Nobel Prize or something.

I wanted to send you this picture I have up in my den. I LOVE this picture of us. I really always wished I was a lap-sized dog, cause I was always trying to cuddle up with you, but somehow you always made it work; see how happy you look holding me in this picture? We look so content together. Laps are so good for love. They are cuddly and comforting and who would not want to be huddled in a lap?I LOVED YOURS, but of course I would since you loved to hug and squeeze me and I must admit I enjoyed that so much. That is another thing I miss here in Hyfryd. I do not have YOUR lap, but I have carried on your tradition and let Barkley get into my lap when she wants. I know I really do not have much of lap like you do, but I let her snuggle up to me really close, she is so funny. She loves love like I do. It must be a girl thing, right mom? We are all girly girls like you always said – especially ME!!!!

So Onwen’s cousin Taffy is a handsome lad. He’s a black and white boy and he’s 12 now, but here over the Rainbow Bridge, age does not matter. You always feel good – that is one positive thing I can tell you. Onwen and Taffy grew up as little pups together but then his parents wanted to be closer to their sibs who lives in Seren. It’s a pretty cute town, not as nice as Hyfryd. We have more open space and rolling hills. Seren is a bit more condensed with den after den. It’s in a an older section, so there are more doggies and kitties there. The other thing I noticed is that they have TONS of squirrels there, which are really fun and playful. I talked to a couple named Lisquit and Bisquit! How funny is ?  They are twins!  Did you know that squirrels are the 7th smartest animal? They told me that. Is that true? Can you look that up for me? I think us Border Collies and many dogs are WAY smarter!! (of course!). I told them they can come visit anytime. Barkley did not come with us on the trip since it was about a 15 mile walk and she is too small for such a long haul, so I told the twin squirrels they need to come meet her because Jack Russell terriers LOVE squirrels and she would have a lot of fun with those two comedians!

I promise to write back much faster after I get your letter, okay? At least I had some adventures to tell you! I have to go clean my den and go doggie food shopping – my FAVORITE ACTIVITY. Well, my favorite was always loving you and I always will mommy!

Missing your kisses, your lap and your smile,

Your Sweet Bailey – just look toward the stars and they will light your way to see me….xoxooxoxoxo