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Today I sat down, late in the day and read Jon Katz’ book, “Going Home Finding Peace When Pets Die.” What was interesting is how many things in his book I have touched on in our letters to each other. While it was a wonderful book, I did not learn anything I did not know – perhaps it gave me validation to have my feelings. It always helps to know when others feel like you do.

Today is 93 days since you crossed over the Rainbow Bridge and the book got me thinking how much I do celebrate your life. Something happens everyday that makes me think of you . I do feel you and think I always will. Part of the book is about adopting another dog. Not sure 93 days is enough, but his point is that there ar so many dogs waiting for homes. He made a point about an elderly neighbor who thought she was too old to get another animal, so he helped her adopt a 14-year-old cat, which I thought was a great idea.

I remember when I first saw your picture at www.petfinder.com and read that you were 7 years old, I said to daddy, I do not know how long we will have her if we adopt her, but at least we are giving a senior dog a great life and that is exactly what we did.  A really great life. Of course all the animal companions under my care over many years, have had great lives because that is what I am all about. I bond closely to your spirits because they are genuine and have unconditional love. Most human folk do not have that, though there are a few.

I was not prepared for your diagnosis, however. There just was not enough time, but Katz’ philosophy, from a dog’s perspective is that you dogs come into lives for a reason and leave when your work was done. You are there to lead us to the next circumstance. Maybe writing our book was just that task. That is what I wanted to ask you tonight. Katz says he feels his dogs around him all the time. I know you are with me as much as I know that there is water at the beach. I want to know your opinion, Bailey, so please advise in your next letter. You are the greatest gift; your spirit and intense love.  I need you to know that you made a difference in every life that you touched and none so more than mine.

Well, I wanted to tell you about the book. Of course I was crying once again and needed a lot of Kleenex to get through it. So tell me what you think. I need you to find us the next dog. You must tell me when the time is right. I cannot do it without you by my side.

Write Soon Sweet Girl. I love you endlessly,

Your mommy