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  Dear Mommy,

This picture is one of my favorites because I had never been on a boat before this particular day and it was so much fun to feel the wind in my fur and to smell the air and the salt water in Florida. I loved seeing the other boats whiz by and just feel so free on our boat.

Since Valentine’s Day is approaching, I wanted to tell you that I am leading a class which I sort of named with you in mind. It’s called Loving You 101. Since arriving here in Hyfryd I’ve become a role model to some other doggies. Of course I think this happened too because I am writing this book with you and everyone thinks I am sort of a celebrity or something. I still just think I am Bailey Maddick, but I remember how you sometimes thought I was a diva. And Wes, at the dog park, always called me “the movie star.” I secretly loved when he called me that!

The class is how to love even though your true family is on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge and you cannot see them. In my class, I have talked about how writing can be very helpful, even if you are not a good writer – I mean you are teaching me more and more as the time goes on and I love it. I just started the class, that is why it took me almost a week to write you back, because I was busy preparing and I wanted to write and tell you the news! I have held two classes this week; each were 1 hour-long. The first class had 22 “students” and when word got out about it, the second class had nearly 50! I was so happy that people enjoyed the class.

Being a Border Collie, I am a natural-born leader right? Of course you know that! haha! However, YOU taught me so much about true love. I got to observe it every day with you, daddy & Safari and when you adopted me, it was like I never lived anywhere else. Just like you knew the instant we met, I did too. So my class is all about love, the signs of love and for us on this side, how we can maintain love now that our family cannot pet us, hear us bark with happiness or wag our tails with joy at them. This is an adjustment. Sure it is beautiful here. We are all healthy and free of illness of any kind and we look and feel young and strong, which is wonderful – but the hard part is that we cannot share that with the people we loved so very much and writing these letters with you has made me think more deeply about love and spirituality and how we continue on.

For those of us who are still very connected in a deeply personal way, like you and I, it’s more difficult I think. Those are the types of folks who came to the classes so far. They need a reason here to exist and excel with a purpose; not just live every day to play and simply have fun. Mommy, you know I am a working breed. I need to do something and I think I have found my niche! I am sort of a new doggie philosopher and honestly it’s because of all the unconditional love you gave me right back.

So I wanted you to know about the class and my new job and I know you will be so proud of me. And I am proud to have left that side of the Bridge as your furry daughter – I have learned much and wish to teach others now who might need a loving paw on their shoulder. You always said that love is all that really matters and you are so right but I knew that as soon as we met. Our time was not as long as we wanted, but oh, what a great time we shared because we learned so much from each other.

That brings me to the next point. Joy. Yes, I know all about her. Petfinder and my face led you to come and see me and I wanted to make sure that Petfinder would lead you down the next path as well. Think about it, if it were not for www.petfinder.com we would have never found each other! They should know that! I see you sit at your computer and think about missing me and wanting another doggie girl, so I made sure your little hands typed on the page that led you to see Joy’s picture. Of course she is beautiful like me and I must say I am just a teeny bit jealous cause she is so young too, but that will be a good thing I am sure. I know you cannot meet her until May since you are in Florida, but I just know you will hit it off. She has that face that called to you just like me. I knew you would print out her picture and write to Miss Victoria. In May, when you go to meet Joy, I will be beside you. I will plan a class around this topic, for those of us over here, we just want to love and have our families feel love again as well. With you, I know your love for me has never stopped for even one second. I feel that in the moon and trees and wind and stars, everyday. I will teach the other doggies all about this and how the strong ones can continue their connection and help those they love like I help you. I will never leave your heart or mind mommy because we will always be one.

All My Love and Millions of Kisses,

Your Sweet Bailey Girl