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My Dearest Bailey Girl,

I was so proud after reading your letter about the class you are teaching. It did not come as too big a surprise that you would be telling people how to love because you are so great at it! You are a perfect role model of what a doggie girl should be. I have never understood why a dog is called “Man’s Best Friend,” when they are truly “Woman’s Best Friend” as well. Nothing made me happier that walking with you in the park – or any of the many places we made tracks in the world, whether it be in sand, snow, leaves or mud. Our imprints are forever.

I will bet that more and more furry folk sign up for your class and I cannot wait to hear more about it! Did Onwen take the class or is he helping you? I bet you had Barkley there! I don’t know if you would want to do this since it would be very personal, but perhaps you could share one or two of our letters with the class, so they could understand how writing can help them adjust to their new home situation. A day does not go by when you are not talked about. Even while I was cooking my Chocolate Soup today at The Fresh Market, your name came up. Maybe some of the people in Hyfryd would want to know their people on this side are probably talking about them as well.

Dr. Victoria and I have talked a lot about you as well. I know you must have made me find her and Joy – there is no other explanation about how all these things happen. Your sense of place here is so profound and just because physical space separates us, it does not make us any less apart. You know Valentine’s Day is Tuesday and though the “holiday” has been turned into a very commercial one, the true meaning behind it has always been my favorite – to honor love and I have always been so happy to be born in the month of the love! I came into this world ready to give a lot of it to those who truly deserve it. You my Bailey, are my true valentine and really, aren’t all these letters between us valentine’s? They are love letters, that is for sure.  Write me one soon.

Happy Valentine’s Day My Sweetest Girl – With Love Deep in my Heart

xoxoxoxoox, mommy