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Of course I am bringing my favorite bone to you for your birthday present one day early, because I HAVE to be the FIRST one to wish you a happy day even thought it’s not until tomorrrow!. I KNOW you must miss me bringing you the bone all the time, so I thought this would be a good picture to share, right? Of course I am right! Sorry it took me so long to get back to you it is just that I have been so busy with my classes! They have become increasingly popular since Onwen put the word out and furry people are coming from many different towns.

One question people are asking me is when the book coming out. I keep telling them you are working on it. I think you are waiting to get to a certain number of pages to print our “first edition,” right? Please let me know so I can tell everyone who asks, okay?

So, since you have been busy writing I thought I would be creative as well (you know how competitive I am! Border Collie!!). You didn’t think I would just give you this picture did you? Well, I know you will love it of course, but I wanted to do something special so I wrote you a poem and this is your special Birthday Present. It’s also your first birthday without me in a long while. I love you so much and if you close your eyes you will feel me giving you a big kiss on your lips like I always did. Here is my poem. I hope that you love it ’cause I love it and I love you more and always – Your Special Bailey Girl….xoxoox


Our Bones

Toy Bones

Chew Bones

The Bones of my soul

-touched by dirt and me

Carried over to another side

On me, your touch

I feel

in movements so sparse

moments so large

Blurry “birthdays”

that meld into One Day

The one on which we met.