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 Dearest Bailey,

I am so glad to hear that your Loving 101 class is so popular! I am still going ahead with our book plans, but you were correct, we need the right number of pages….what do you think? Of course I want your imput. It has to be perfect like you!

If anyone could teach about love it is you my darling child. How I miss you. So many things here remind me of you. No matter where I am I think of you constantly. Dogs are running around the house here all the time and this season there are many more outside cats to chase away and I don’t have you to protect Safari’s lanai and he misses that.

This past week he started sleeping behind the chair at night – your spot. He truly does miss you and having his pal by his side–not as much as ME of course, but none the less he does. And that brings me to the next point. Do you remember that  I told you about Dr. Summers and Joy? You do? Oh good. I just heard you say that in my head – your amazing that way and I am sure you have wondered about it. Well, Joy is in Ohio, about an hour and half from the house and we plan on meeting her when we return to PA. Dr. Summers assures me that she is ready for a good home like we can give her and that she will like us. I keep hoping that she will. She has a friend named Shawn there and I hate to think that I am going to break them up. I don’t want her to be upset with me for that. I am hoping that all the things she will get to experience will make up for that. This is her picture:

Certainly we will give her so much love and attention…Isn’t she cute? That is Kernie holding her. He lives there at the place where she is at now which is very beautiful. She is only 2 years old and sadly, she had her puppies taken away from her immediately!  Thankfully,  she was rescued and she needs a home that will give her a lot of love and fun. I think you led me on this journey Bailey because you always have me looking at Petfinder – our special place where I found your sweet picture online and that is how I found Joy and Dr. Summers, who I am so looking forward to meeting in May. I cannot help but think how much she would have loved you. Who didn’t? Complete strangers loved you! As I always said, “Everyone loves Bailey!”

So I wanted to show you Joy, even though I suspect that you have already seen her and maybe you whispered a thing or two in her ear by now, knowing you. Adopting animals in life is so important for one’s soul, we will never live without animals in our lives. Safari continues to crack us up. Yes, he is still in love with his expensive shrimp – thankfully I get my discount at TFM! He is so adorable and lately he has been wanting to spend more time outside on the leash. The weather here has been unseasonably warm – the warmest February on record they say. I think his outdoor interest has a lot to do with Stripes, Midnight and a little yellow kitty and of course Princess, Twinkie and your arch nemesis, Polka Dot, running around the yard constantly. I wish these people around here would not leave their cats outside. I always fear for their little lives. I still and will always believe that domestic cats belong inside or on a screened-in porch. Here is a recent pic of him out in the yard on his leash of course you can pin it up in your den!

This was taken on new Year’s Eve and the light was kind of interesting. He is just so handsome – someone online said he looks like royalty he is so gorgeous! All my fur kids are gorgeous and sweet and I like to think that is because of all the love and good care that fills our home, right Bailey?

That is all the news on the doggie/kitty front. I wanted to run all of this by you but you are the one who led me to Joy I am sure and I think together we are on the same doggie book page!. Just make sure that she likes us when me meet! You gave me that one true kiss just like Russell did the second we met. Your little kiss reminded me of his; so sincere and perfect just like the two of you. I want Joy to feel welcome, loved and safe and not scared to leave her current surroundings.

Dr. Summers is creating a program for seniors to help fund the care of their dog when they are on a fixed income. I think that is such a great idea and I am going to help her and Kernie with anything they might need from me. You know how we loved our older folks!  Dr. Summers says Joy loves people and that makes me happy – just like you my love.

Well, we have some chores to do, but I wanted to start the day with a letter to you my sweet. Give me more news. I want to know what you and Barkley have been up to and Onwen as well. Have you been too busy to go explore more towns? I think you will become the official celebrity of Hyfryd I am sure, especially since they are all anticipating the release of our book! Much work to do! Border Collies, right! I guess if I were a dog, I would definitely be one – a working dog – the very best kind, indeed!

With all my love, heart, and wet nose kisses, Your devoted mommy xoxoxoxoxooxo