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Dear Mommy,

I know, I know..I have been remiss in not writing for so many days. I am so sorry!!! First, Joy looks really sweet and I hope that she likes you as instantly as I did. If she does not take to you, maybe you should adopt Shawn, the cute looking boy Border! He is quite handsome and I must say I am attracted to him myself! haha You know us “brown-eyed girls!”

Hyfryd has been bustling and I now have Barkley helping with my classes. She passes out the printed info at the class. I have had a lot of interesting questions from those who recently crossed over The Rainbow Bridge. Want to hear some of them?

Where do my people go when they die?

Does my human family get to come over the Rainbow Bridge?

I think about my family everyday and I miss my siblings. How do I cope with that?

How come all of our aches and pains are gone all of a sudden?

Whew! I have become kind of a doggie philosopher of sorts and sometimes those questions are hard to answer, after all I have only been here 5 months myself! I think the reason I can cope easier than most is because we communicate all the time and are working on our book. I cannot imagine having to have landed here without that connection to you. I have talked about that in Loving 101 and what I gather is that not everyone who lives with a dog has what we had.  I think many of the folks I have met loved their families but the connection that you and I have goes so much deeper than what they have told me.

I saw you look into your rearview mirror today. I know you could not see me there, but I was certainly there and that is why you looked to my space at the back of the van. I love that you still keep the leash in there and some poop bags. I know you made a tag exactly like mine to wear on your purse. I mean, who does that kind of stuff? Some people probably think you are tiny bit crazy, but I just think it’s wonderful.

I am glad you found Dr. Victoria. She needs you in her life. I did lead you to her on www.petfinder.com and if Joy wants a good home then she should jump on you, kiss you like I did and give you the look that says Let’s go have some fun! When I think back on how I sprang into the back of the Honda CRV, it was like getting out of jail – not that the shelter was jail, but I was so sick of all the barking dogs. Living on the farm, Joy and the others have it a lot better than I did before you came along. It was all meant to be, you and me and that is the kind of thing I talk about in my classes. Love is what you make it. It is about seizing an opportunity when it exists because it may never come around again. Moments change lives so profoundly. One kiss, one look – and a life can be so different for many years or in our case, just a few years.

What I have told the students is that love,no matter how long or short, should be cherished each and every day. Wet kisses and big hugs should be never-ending!!! Life seems to go by so very fast and it truly is a mosaic of tiny bits of time all pieced together in a life. You always said that when we were walking in Buhl Park, it was such a zen-like experience. It’s so true because when a dog and their person walk in a park or natural setting, they are simply together in the moment, discovering smells, watching ducks and birds, meeting other people and other doggies which create individual moments that make up that one single hour in that particular day. What is better than that? So, in the class, I talk about that and how we all can create lives together here over the Bridge. It might be a different part of life, but it really is just a continuing part of it until we meet again and that is a big question everyone wants to know. Will we see our family again? I tell them yes you will because i have seen it. I told you that Hyfryd is a magical place where people and their animals are reunited IF THEY WANT TO BE HERE. I am sure some of these kids in my class will never see their families again, but I cannot tell them that. If they have the connection, like we do, I am confident that they will. I see you now and I know you see me too, so I am not worried about it.

So that is what I HAVE been thinking about!! You have taught me much, Sherri and I know I taught you a lot of things, especially  how many treats I needed to keep me happy! haha! I cannot believe you asked Victoria if Joy liked treats! I think you liked to give me treats as much as I loved to eat them!!! I know one thing, the best treat either of us has is each other. I promise not to take so long to write this time. Your turn now. Maybe you can write me from the ship! Look for me while at sea – you know I will be following you…I love you everywhere you are.  xoxoox, Your Bailey Girl