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My Dearest Bailey Girl,

Whenever I am at sea, I feel peaceful and I can feel you so strongly, sailing along with me. I wonder if it’s the big open skies and massive amounts of water that surrounds my thoughts. I look out on the deck and think that Hyfryd is open and wide too. Earth, on a daily basis, seems to be a puzzled construction of small spaces all pieced together. Roads connecting roads, cables connecting phones, computers, electrical and gas systems and so much more. Cars go to and fro. But a ship….out at sea, seems so free of everything while sailing. True, when it docks, it too becomes part of the puzzle, but I imagine Hyfryd to be vast like the sea. Is it?

I miss you always, but I always miss you so intensely at sea maybe because I have time to reflect and I am mostly unconnected to work, though I find it hard not to check emails – I hope to cure myself of that someday. You helped with that because of our time walking and talking and meeting new friends, fur and non. I thought you would like to hang this picture of me up in your den. There were a couple I know you would like, but this one is nice. I will send more.

I am so glad that your classes are going well but you are a great teacher, you teach me something everyday. All I have to do is think of you. Sorry this note is so short, maybe I will write another tomorrow, but I have been up since 6am and I did not sleep well last night so I am very tired. I did not want the day to go by without writing you as soon as I got back. I love you so much my sweet girl. Thinking of you always and knowing you are by my side always……xoxooxox, Mommy