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Dear Mommy,

How I miss you! I see you have been working diligently on postings to help all the animals in need. More people need to do that and way more people need to adopt the SENIORS, like you did, me!!! I have been seeing what you have doing and it prompted me to start a new class that I thought would be helpful, called All Better Now 102. Even though a lot of animals who were abused are now all better and back to their old selves, they still have some emotional scars.

For example, I can be happy here because I have found a way to teach and continue my work as a working dog. Knowing that I am the most loved dog in the universe, I can feel happy about that, whereas the ones who were abused only have us to rely on. Some of the folks here never had a good home and crossed over because of abuse. Can you imagine how horrible that is? After talking with some people like that I decided to formulate the All Better Now a class for them to discuss their feelings. I know you will be happy about it! The first class is tomorrow so I will report back to you and let you know how it goes.

What you need to do down there is to continue your work, sign lots of petitions and sign some for me too, about animal abuse. I know it’s a cause you are passionate about and so am I! It’s so sad to think anyone would hurt any one of us sweet creatures! I think if there were MUCH BIGGER consequences for these crimes, there would be less of them committed – or at least I hope there would be less of these idiots! It’s not just domestic animals either. I am glad that PETA has come down on how elephants are treated at the circus. You and I hate the circus, but just think how many people take kids to that – it’s disgusting! I am glad that your friends are helping the elephants too, that is really nice of them. More people need to help on a daily basis. I know the economy is hard for a lot of people, but I am glad that you can help and you sure know a lot of people doing great work.

So that is what I have been up to Mommy – I know that you are proud of me and of course I am your child furever, so I am caring, like you!  We have taught each other many good things and will continue to do so as life goes on…it’s always a learning experience, right? I know you are taking the little one to get his teeth cleaned, so do not worry he will be fine! I know you freak out and hate leaving any of us at the vet for more than 10 minutes! I will check with you on Tuesday about him and let you know how the class went, okay? I love you more than words can say…..give the little boy a kiss for me….With all my Love & Kisses, Your Sweet Bailey Girl