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My Sweet Girl,

Hi! How did your new class turn out? By this time, you might be having another one this week! Your brother came out of his dental just fine. I think we were equally nervous though – you know how I am with worrying about my fur kids. I do love the idea of your class All Better 102. I am so proud of you teaching yet another class, although I am not surprised because you are the best teacher! I think that a class like that is much-needed for everyone in Hyfryd and I know they will benefit from your infinite wisdom. There is much animal cruelty and it needs to be stopped. You know I have never trusted anyone who doesn’t share their world with a furry one. Of course I am probably equally happy that those people don’t because they would be lousy pawrents anyway! It takes a special soul to love the fur babies of the world and thankfully all the people in our world, near and far, are like us!

We cannot wait to meet Joy, she is waiting for us and we will meet and take her home next month! I can’t wait to tell you all about her and mostly, tell her all about you. I will of course want your approval. I am wondering how Safari will react. He has enjoyed, we think, all the extra attention, that is for sure. He is once again, the king of the castle. It was just 5 months since you went to Hyfryd over the rainbow bridge and as much as it seems like you never left, your bark, your kisses, your uncanny pleasure for treats, (and so much more) are all amiss. You are with me every minute of every day, and I know you feel it too, for it would not be possible to have this communication. Safari has missed you. He especially misses you shooing away Polka Dot, who comes into the yard daily.  He has taken over your blanket as well and sleeps soundly on it.

One thing I am looking forward to is seeing your Red Maple tree at Buhl Park upon our return to the north. I do not expect it to have grown much in six months, but with the warm winter, I bet it is blooming early. I expect to spend a lot of time there again with Joy and we will visit the tree each time we go and I will tell her the story of the special tree.  Someday I hope to see it get very big and sit in its shade. You know you are the only dog in the park which dates back to the 1800’s, to have a tree dedicated to you because you are the most special girl God could have ever sent to us. We talk about you (well, you know that!) everyday….

I am so glad that you are doing good work my sweetest girl. I hope that you write me back quickly and let me know how the first class went. I am sure some of those stories will be hard to hear, but I want to share the experience with you. I think it is wonderful that you help everyone you come in contact with – but that is a Border girl, isn’t it? I am sending you this picture to put up in your den, so you can show everyone your brother. I have much planting to do as well in your rest area in the yard this Spring. I always loved the saying: Bloom Where You are Planted. I have tried to do that in life and of course you have done that in Hyfryd. That is all we could do and surely, we are one blooming team, all year ’round….Write soon.  Sending you more love than you can imagine, from all of us, but especially me.