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Mommy! I am sorry that I take too long to write back. No classes today since it was Easter. Onwen, Barkley and I had fun running around all day and now I am really tired and I saw you swimming with Daddy, Beth & David and I bet you are tired too! However, I wanted to tell you about the new class, All Better 102.

I did not realize how much animal cruelty there is, and it’s not just physical but a lot of people who came to my class talked about how their supposed “people”would be emotionally mean to them. It is so very sad. Dogs that would be left alone all day, cats without sufficient food, Telwynn, a beautiful retired race horse in his day, was going to the glue factory until someone rescued him when he could not race anymore. I mean, can you imagine, just because he could not win those idiots money anymore, they would have the audacity to kill and torture this gorgeous boy. I almost broke down in tears when he started to share his story, but I figured I had to be a strong working dog leader for the rest of the class who was depending on me – I held it together but it was hard!

Telwynn was from Kentucky and he had raced in the Preakness and the Derby numerous times. He was a good horse, but not a great money horse, you know. He tried and did his best. He told us all how he hated the sport of racing and thought it should be abolished. I know you and I talked about that before. It’s just as disgusting as Greyhound racing! Someone told me about a pack of four greyhounds here in Hyfryd that were treated poorly in their early years. They are all siblings, but I have never met them and they did not show up at the meeting. Some of the students said they wanted them to come because they had been treated very badly in Florida until they were all taken in by a kind woman named Shauna Taft. She loved greyhounds as a breed and always had them as her companions.  The story goes that Shauna took them all in even though she had 3 others and they lived with her until they all came here. You know those greys, they can be shy. I think now that I had the first meeting they might show up at the second one to share their grief because they are said to miss her very much.

Prila, the calico cat, came with her brother Dayo, a beautiful black cat with little white paws and blue eyes – never saw anything like him. He is truly handsome! They were yelled at all the time by their “people” until someone next door finally called the ASPCA when she saw they were locked out of the house for a couple of days crying with no food or water. They took them and adopted them out together as seniors to the Smythe family, who had them until they arrived here.

One thing I can tell you, and I know you are very concerned about animals and their welfare, so I am sure that you will pass this on: No one ever forgets the bad that might have happened to them, but what they remember most is how they were rescued and how that truly changed their lives for the better with a second chance. Sometimes the emotional scars are there because they do not know why they were treated poorly. I can understand if someone dies, or has no money to provide money to take care of their animal companions and re-homes someone, but treating an innocent creature poorly – animal or human is despicable!!!

I agree with what you said, people who do not love animals are vapid and those who have the connections are purrfect! yes, we do not want everyone to keep companions because they would be worthless anyway and that would just result in more sad stories in my class. Rescuing is so important it is like this picture I am sending you. It is about looking up for a second chance. Like I have told you, I do not even recall where I was before the year I was at Angels for Animals. Thank GOODNESS you came along!!! You changed all of our lives, the four of us.

We will always be the best family and now Joy will be part of it as well. I am sure I will like her from what you have told me. You will know when you meet for the first time. She will let you know and so will I. Even though she is on the farm at ISBCR and having fun, it’s not like being part of a special family who you can call your own. people you can go on vacation with and see stuff and go for rides it the car (MY FAVORITE!!) or walk at Buhl Park. There is just nothing like it–like when you sprung me loose and I jumped int eh back of the CRV!  Thankfully there enough people like you and all of your friends, who love animals of all kinds. I want to hear less sad stories, but I have heard some wonderful ones as well.

So far it is very interesting and my work continues as does yours. We are a team and always will be – we are covering all the bases on and above the planet and mommy, you are a working dog. If you were a dog, you would be a Border Collie FOR SURE (!) because you love working and helping people, just like me. Your insides are that if a Tabby – simply sweet and loving toward everyone – that is my observation! Let’s keep looking up and doing good work – a lovely thought on a Sunday night.

Sent with HEAPS OF LOVE from your SWEET BAILEY GIRL who loves you with all of her heart…..Write soon – you better! xoxoxoxooxoxoxoxo