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Everytime I see something beautiful I think of you. I certainly cannot help it. All the kids miss you around here, Zoe, Angel, Rodeo, Mindy, and Courage, especially! I have told them you are doing very important work in Hyfryd and they think it is terrific, but they cannot help but miss your sweet smile. Of course Safari is sleeping in your spot and misses you terribly every day. We all do. Especially me. I am really hoping he likes and adjusts to Joy.

The ruby necklace around my neck (and the earrings too) are really the rubies that are for all of us.  You are with us always, but you already know that. I was just thinking about that today when I wondered how your class is doing. Bob’s sister got a place down here now and so they bring their dog with to his house when they visit. His name is Sonny and he weighs 125! He is a gorgeous all black Lab/Golden mix who loves to play. He was visiting today and we were all talking about you. Bob misses you too because you always liked him a lot. He has a gentle way with dogs.

I am curious to know if you got new people in the class and if the Greys came this time. There was some terrible animal abuse in the news this week, as there is every week, but this was awfully bad. It just turns my stomach, but I do something each day to help those furry kids in need. Your Twitter page is getting more and more followers each day and I think that we have more people following us overseas than in the USA! I love that!

As for the book, I am close to having enough pages, so do not think I am not working on it – I know your diva self longs to be famous. To me you will always be my sweet, simple Bailey girl no matter how famous you become! Remember, Wes also called you the MOVIE STAR! A bright star, that is for sure. Here and there, you shine bright. Write me and let me know how this week went okay? Until then I will look forward to hearing the whisper of love I feel from you at my ear…

I Love You Bailey Girl, with all I got….xoxoxooxox