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A Rainbow is God’s Bow and Promise that there is a tomorrow …

Hi Mommy!

I heard you yesterday when you were in the car screaming, “Bailey is here,” when you saw the rainbow. I know you tried to get the picture with your phone. Did it come out? It was hard to see above those houses, wasn’t it? Yeah, it was me, of course saying hi. Sometimes I can do that for you at the most unexpected times to surprise you and make us happy. That was also my signal that things are progressing with my classes here in Hyfryd. Guess what? The Greys came to the meeting this past week! I was so happy to meet them. There are two boys, Valor and Shane and two girls, Sheena and Vawlie. I guess they likes the letters V & S, huh? They are all siblings who were forced to run at the racetracks and they could not stand it. They were always tired and treated poorly and not even fed any good food! I had Telewyn talk to them since as a racehorse he went through the same thing.

I was thinking about something.. It’s really sad that people feel that they can make certain animals do whatever they want them to do. I mean you cannot ask us. As your furkids, we depend on your to do the right thing for us, treat us kindly and simply love us. I think humans basically want the same thing in life – to be respected, loved, wanted and treated well. Oh! and we all like good food! haha! It just makes me so sick when that does not happen. I mean what gives anyone the right to make a horse tun, or a Greyhound race? The whole thing is disheartening to me.

Sadly, the siblings did not know any better until that Shauna Taft came and rescued them. She loved them so much – all of them! So half the story was good at least, but they came to the class because they had questions about why anyone who treat us that way to begin with. I mean, so many furkids wind up in terrible homes. I am sure just as many–hopefully many more– are in wonderful homes with wonderful people, it’s just so sad that so much animal cruelty is out there. I know you are sick of it too. I told them of my own story; about being dropped off at Angels for Animals and living there for a whole year before you came along and changed my world. It’s like you always say about the movie, It’s a Wonderful Life…you change one little thing and your whole life changes. I knew the minute I met you, we would be together; I only wish we would have had more time together, and I know you wish that too. I know you think about it everyday because I do too. I am hopeful that when you meet Joy she will feel the same about you as I did. How could she not? I told the class my story and they loved hearing it and it gave them hope for those they still know on earth who might be waiting in a shelter to get adopted. Adoption is so important; you have to continue to promote it like you do and I know you will of course!

My Loving 101 class  is going well too. I have expanded it to include how we can do things to help other folks here in Hyfryd. Do you think that is a good idea? We are organizing things like planting catnip plants for all the cats and dogs who love it, like me! I got Dayo and Prila on that in fact – they volunteered to be on the planting committee! I tell you mommy, I have been so busy working since I got here. Barkley has been busy too helping me with everything and running around like a crazy. She runs so fast that if you need  to get something on the other side of Hyfyd she is your girl because she is so fast! I love that little thing so much. Onwen too. He is always there ,offering a helping hand. It’s a good thing that there are so many wonderful nice people here in Hyfryd.  Several new humans have come to live here with their furkids as well. Even though the critters out number the humans, they really seem to like it. They like our little town. I guess their idea of heaven is being with furry ones. I know you think the same way! They only allow REALLY special people here. You had to be a pretty amazing man or woman in relation to furkids to even be considered for passage into Hyfryd. They have to be like you!

I love you mommy. I am so glad you saw the rainbow! I will always be there right next to show saying hello with a rainbow, sending you love from the sky. Hyryd is not so far, I don’t think because you and I always feel so close like we can reach out and touch each other. We do, through our hearts – always…..Write me soon!! I LOVE your letters like you love mine. I will have more news for you soon.

All my love from one working gal to another,

Your Sweet Bailey

PS: Sending you these pics. Don;t I look so cute looking up at you and of course I this one in the den hanging up! Tell kevin I miss him, and Zoe & Angel’s golf cart!