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Sweet Bailey,

Your last letter was lovely and I am not surprised at how much you are helping everyone. The two of us “working girls” like to keep busy and help people. We are truly alike. Everyone always said we were, right?

Hard to fathom that it was 6 months ago yesterday when you crossed over the Rainbow Bridge into Hyfryd. Surely, it has been made a better town with you and your pals in it. The only issue I have is that earth is a lesser place without you here by my side. Soon we are going to meet Joy, and it’s almost like I am scared about it. Why? Cause she is not you. She will be her own, sweet individual self, of course, I get that. Of course I want to give as many people homes as I can; I know you want that of me as well and it is always my pleasure to do so. I feel like you guided me toward her and Victoria without a doubt. That is what I asked you to do, and you did, but I am nervous. I think that will go away once I pull into the driveway. You loved me instantly, I hope that joys does too. When I show people her picture here, they say, “she looks like Bailey.” Aside from being a Border Collie, I don’t think she does, but she is quite adorable and Victoria says she is a sweetheart, just like you. I am still scared. I guess I am just nervous is all and I simply wanted to tell you. Maybe you have some of your sage advice for me. If you sent her to me then I know all will be okay. Maybe it’s because I have missed you for so many months and suddenly there will be a dog in our presence again? Do you think that is it? I have missed walking you, talking to you and cuddling up on the couch with you just like you are in this picture. How you loved to snuggle and kiss. Nothing is equal to that, except from daddy and Safari of course!

Today is a cloudy day here and I just finished working on a press release for Michael. It looks really nice. Now that I am on Vic’s Board of Directors I have a summer project that I want to take on. Did you know that she has adopted more than 2,000 dogs? She has been doing it a very long time and I am proud to be working with her. I need to create a database for all the adoptees! It’s going to be a lot of work, but hey, after finally cleaning out my inbox of 5,000 emails, I think I can do it, right?

I was thinking about how much your classes could be used here on earth. Day after day, I read about evil people. There are just too many of them. I have always wondered why “God”lets those people exist. Why not take all the evil folk and give them bad diseases instead of letting purrectly nice people get sick. It does not seem fair, right? Maybe you have insight to that now that you are in the best place where evil does not exist. After all what is God spelled backwards! Yep, DOG! Of course, because they are the most wonderful people to share your life with. That is the thing. You made me see that having a life a without a dog is terrible! All the GOOD people who share their lives with dogs, cats and other creatures are living a more beautiful and enhanced life – WITHOUT QUESTION! I am sure you have talked about this in your classes because your students are smart!

I wanted to mention one other thing. I am sure you know this by now as it was big news here. Former Humane Society Director John Hoyt, passed away since we last wrote. He was the director during the 1970’s and was a very important force in animal rights and welfare. I am certain he went over the Rainbow Bridge to be with the many animals he helped, so if you see him, welcome him with open paws and maybe he would like to speak at one of your classes!

Well, write me soon dear child. Missing you everyday. Six months without you barking by my side feels more like six years. Although we cannot see each other I feel you everyday. You are in my head and in my heart.

Together we will be always. I love you Bailey. xoxoxoxoox