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I don’t want to talk about classes this week. I will next time cause I have more  good news! I know you are getting ready to return to the summer home and it was there that I left you in the Fall for here in Hyfryd over the Rainbow Bridge. I know this is going to be difficult for you, but I will be there by your side – always! I want you to do some things for me. First, I want you to get lots and lots of RED flowers to plant in my special spot that is just for me – I look good in Red you know! yes I do! You know why I think that is? I think because Red is bold like you and me and it’s friendly and you and me are social,  friendly girls and red becomes us! I know you will make it very nice and pretty that is for sure.

The next thing I want is for you to go to our tree and take pictures. Go take a nice walk and take pictures in the park so I can see everything! I am wondering with the warmer winter if the tree grew much. I want to watch its progression of leaf growth this summer, so get on it!

The final thing I want you to do is embrace little Joy. I have a very good feeling about her and I suggested that she kiss you right away. And just remember if she doesn’t right away,  it’s okay if she is not like me. No one will EVER be like me! I am the best! haha! We are all created differently but because she is coming to you she is special. We know that. Victoria knows that. There is a special connection that was made here and it cannot be overlooked and to be honest I take all the credit! (Well, Petfinder helped me!). Personally I find it all very exciting and CANNOT WAIT to hear everything and I am SURE we will write EACH OTHER  on Mother’s Day that is a date!! Okay? We each get a letter on Mother’s day. This is my first without you and it’s your first without me, but being the wise girl I am, I can tell you that everything you taught me and all that I taught you, plus all the love we share, is so bundled up inside of us it just feels good no matter where we are. The earth is surrounded by so much goodness, it’s too bad no one gets to know this while they are on it. I almost think the goodness is like soft layer of protection for all the woes it has.

I wanted to get this to you before you left. I want you and daddy to drive safely. Let Safari sun in your lap – he loves that! My leash is there with you and so is my spirit of love. Yours is right here in my beautiful den. Barkley is here too and she sends her love to John and Tracy and you too, so tell them that because this is a new summer without her as well.  Some people like us, love so deeply that it is easy to imagine that everything stays in place. It just changes is all and mostly for the good I promise you. I LOVE you Mommy! I will be travelling with you in heart and mind, in the trees and wind. Together Forever – you and me. xxoxoxoox Your Bailey Girl Furever!!!!