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Dear Bailey,

Thank you  my sweet daughter of love. It is so fitting that  you sent us a dog named Joy. After missing you for a long six months, it only took you four months to find her for us and it took us 6 to get to her. She is home now with Safari. If I had found you as a young dog, this is how I imagined you would be and in some ways I think that you sent her to us to show me wha your youth looked like. She is filled with boundless energy, just like you and endless love and cuddles. I know she shares your heart and spirit and that is why you led me to find her. I know that in the deepest part of my soul and brain.

She is playing with your toys and loves them as and always, you are a girl that keeps on giving. You loved to share and your legacy continues on here – like we said even though we cannot see you physically you could not be more present. There is so much that reminds me of you. She loves food, treats and people. She has a lot of love to give and it amazes me how you people trust us even after being treated by idiots who have no appreciation for animals.

Which brings me to Victoria. How I love this woman. YOU would have loved her so much and Kernie too. What truly wonderful, interesting people. On this Mother’s Day I honor her, you and Joy and all the people who are moms who know their fur kids are an equal member of the family. I could not have been more bless to have found you, my sweet Bailey girl and to find Joy means so much. She is so special just like you and Safari. Our story continues my sweetest girl and I cannot wait to hear from you tomorrow!   will have more to report I am sure. Haven’t got to the tree yet . Planning on Monday. xooxoxoxoxo, me, yours always.