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Happy Mother’s Day!

I knew when you read Joy’s story on www.petfinder.com it would be like how you found ME! I knew if you read it, you would call Victoria at Indian Summers and it was SO obvious that the two of you would hit it off. I was there yesterday on the farm. I saw you all there. Nice pack of Border kids!!! Victoria is very adorable and I really liked her and I could see that she was everything and more that you thought that she would be. I heard her say that she felt like she had known you for such a long time. You have that effect on people Mommy! – Well, not on everyone, but the special ones.

What a great mommy’s day it is! I feel like you literally got YOUR JOY back in adopting Joy. Don’t you find it amazing that was her name – I mean comon’ how perfect a name is that? I Love it and I love you. And yes, I was like her when I was a pup too – boundless energy! She and I would have been great furry pals. High fives to her for me!! She is ALMOST as cute as me! hahah

I am glad that Russell loves her too. She REALLY likes him! He always thought I did not like him as much as you – well, you and I were inseparable, so I did love you more I have to admit. I am glad he fell in love with her. He and Kernie look similar and I think that has something to do with it and that is so cute! I saw you look up in the sky and saw the skywriting – Do you know what it said? Happy Mother’s Day from your daughter Bailey – I LOVE YOU MOMMY and I will ALWAYS be your first-born! I’m the queen and Joy is the princess and of course Safari is the little prince! I do miss you so much mommy and I know you miss me, but I am so happy that we have the ability to write letters to each other often and whenever we want. I will never stop and neither will you no matter how many dogs and cats you have! We made a special mark on each other – one of great love and kindness. Now you go tend to Joy. I am having dinner with little Barkley and Onwen in honor of our moms – I am doing the cooking and of course you know it will be yummy! I LOVE YOU SO VERY MUCH!

xoxoox, Your Sweet Bailey Girl….