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Dearest Bailey,

I got to your tree and I was almost scared to go. It’s a bittersweet tree for me. It honors your memory yet it means you are physically no longer here. However, you ARE here with me always. It was very still outside when I got to your Red Maple. I said, “Hello Bailey” and I touched the leaves and instantly as my hand sifted the leaves, a big wind rustled through both my hand and the leaves. I knew you were there and I simply smiled. You continually show me your presence and this makes me so happy.

You were right about Joy. She kissed us both right away. She still has fear of strangers, but she is okay once she meets you. She is loving like you and loves to play bone and she thanks you for sharing your toys. Her favorites are even the same as yours. We have accidentally called her Bailey so many times already. Can’t help it really. Her coloring is the same as yours except she has no black. She is smaller than you and is quite active. Walking her is much more difficult than you due to her fears whereas you would go up to just about anyone. I am trying to teach her. I never had to teach you. You and she would have been great friends, of that I am sure.

So how are you my precious one? Buhl Park is not the same without you. Have not seem Mr. Bruce yet and am wondering if he will be around or if he is ill. I hope not. He loved you so much, but who didn’t? You were the star of the park and wherever you went of course – that was your way. Russell has called Joy Bailey more than I have! We miss and talk about you constantly! At least you and I have our way of continuing the story, don’t we?

How is Barkley and Onwen? Tiger is missing – I meant to tell you. I do not know where he has gone but it makes me upset. He was here a few times and then he wasn’t. I miss him and it feels like another loss and I cannot deal with more losses these days. Victoria had a dog that she was very close to names Hope, whom she calls her heart dog. There is no question you are my heart dog. No matter how many dogs there are in my future, you are my heart dog, my top dog, my best girl – I want you to know that. We are nearing 100 entries and after that I can get the book done! Are you so excited? So tell me more of your latest adventures, I will waiting to hear from you – make it sooner than later, okay? Safari sends his kisses and we send ours, especially me….With all my heart and love, mommy