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Dear Mommy,

WOOF! I have been so busy, I am late with my letter. Onwen said to me last night, “you had better get your letter posted to mommy! He calls you mommy too. He feels like he knows you. If you would meet him, you would love him so much. He picked this picture of us to send this time. He was looking at it in my den and we started stalking about how lucky I was to have the best mommy and in our conversation we spoke of how people like us always strive for the best. Onwen is very much like me only in boy form! He likes everything so-so.

We were talking in our classes about deserving the best even if the best had not been the experience of someone’s life. There is this sweet Standard Poodle, named Cuddles in my new class and she is a good example of what I mean. Cuddles told me that she came from a home of 3 dogs and she was the oldest. she came over the Rainbow Bridge simply because of old age.  However, she felt neglected by her family as the senior dog, because they had her for many years then they got a puppy and then a few years later, another puppy. Soon, they did not play with her as much and she was kind of left to be on her own.

I know that you have a soft spot in your heart for seniors and that is why you adopted ME!!  Sadly though, many people don’t think like you do. Cuddles was not harmed in any way but she just wasn’t loved like she was when she was first adopted as a puppy. Some people want the “puppy” experience and then they tire of it. Cuddles, like so many of the folks taking the new Finding Joy class, have had that experience and it makes me sad. I think that when people adopt a cat, a dog, a horse or any animal companion, they should give their very best to them, like you did and all your friends do.

In turn, we should expect the best in life and then I think we get it. If we think we are not deserving of it, then maybe we will not have that experience. When I looked for a dog for you guys, I wanted you to have the best dog. That does not mean she is a perfect dog – none of us are perfect! It just means that she is the best dog for you at this time in your life. From what you have told me and from what I have seen, I think I accomplished my goal with great success! Joy is an interesting soul. She is going to be very interesting to watch grow up. I think she is doing amazing taking in account the horrors she has been through in her puppy-hood. She is safe with you and so loved. She expects the VERY best, the little princess that she is! I find that so miraculous since she never received the best until she went to Indian Summers. As Dr. Victoria has said, even that is not a real home. It’s a safe haven, yes. But now she is where she belongs. That is what I mean.

I think people can apply this thinking too! Maybe life has not always been perfect, but there is always a chance to make it brighter. If you are the best and demand the best from others, you shall receive it in return and that is what I am doing here in Hyfryd with my classes. I know you are proud! So that is my letter for today. You taught me so much about love Mommy, maybe you are not even aware of that, but you did. You are the best and so am I and that is why WE were a team and will always be one! Love forever and ever – Your Sweet Bailey Girl! WRITE ME SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!


PSS: I hear you are going to renew your vows at our tree! I LOVE THAT! I can hardly wait! Write me all about it! xoxooxoxox