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Dear Bailey,
Safari & Joy are sleeping behind me as I write this. We are headed out soon to start the Russell’s b-day festivities. First on the list: A Pirates game! As the end of this month approaches I am focused on the fact that Fall is just around the corner. I was looking at this picture of you when you were so healthy and crazy for adventure, just like Joy is now. When I think of last year at this time I was so sad. Sometimes Joy makes me so happy I almost feel badly about it! I know I know, that IS crazy.

You know i am very grateful because you did a lot of research in finding Russell, Safari & me the purrfect dog and you did. You did even better in giving me a new friend in Victoria and I love you so much for that and I know she does too. How many times a week do Joy and I visit your tree? A lot! Each time I think how much people loved you at the park. You loved them too. No one did not love you the second they met you.

Everywhere i take Joy they think she is so cute and pretty just like they did with you. She is quite the adorable one. She has a sparkling personality and today she went in the car with NO BARKING! She is learning that she does not have to worry about people attacking us! Yesterday, she met some really cute little dogs and had fun kissing them. She is a BIG kisser – just like you. I think you found me her because in many ways she is just like you – a bold personality, full of fun and craziness – but hey – you ARE BORDER COLLIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I heard you tell me yesterday at the tree to wish Russell a happy birthday for you. I will. This is his first without you in many years. Tomorrow we will be up at the lake – I cannot wait. Well, I just wanted to say that I was thinking of you and that I miss you so very much. I always try to be positive but sometimes I get caught up in the fact that you are in Hyfryd and not with me. I am so glad you are doing such great work. I know you are so busy now that school is in full session! Fall is my busy season too, that is for sure. New clients, Joy, Safari & Russell all keep me very, very busy. Seems there is never enough time in the day! So here is to you my dear….thinking of you and hoping that you will write me soon and let me know how your first full week of school was. Give Onwen my love as well. We are only pages away from the book being complete! Love always, Mommy