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Dear Mommy!

I have been so busy since my classes went back into full doggy tail swing last week. I reallllllly have been meaning to write, but I have more students than I expected and guess what? I added a new class! What is the new class about you MUST be wondering. Well, it’s called Timing is Everything. Let me explain.

In case any of your friends wonder about this you can explain it to them. By the way – I am sending THIS picture because we already are happily having beautiful FALL-LIKE weather here in Hyfryd and I hope you get some soon, since I know its your FAVORITE!!!! I know too, that you LOVE this adorable picture of me wearing your beret. Did you know I stole one of your berets and have it here with me? Well, I am a professor you know, so I needed one.

Timing is Everything deals with the emotions that we VERY intelligent animal creatures deal with when we find  out our families have adopted a new animal companion. Yes, you can tell everyone – we know. We know and see everything when we are just simply watching. Sometimes we are too busy to notice – but I spend a portion of every day watching you, daddy, Joy & Safari. I have to say I am highly amused by Joy’s antics. If you would not have adopted me as a senior dog, and had seen me as a young pup like Joy, you would have experienced much the same craziness. Joy is VERY energetic and when you said to me at our tree the other day the comment about keeping you lean and fit by finding Joy…..how true! She will do just that! She will keep you running – not that you are not almost as hyper as her, but I think she beats you out! HA!

Sometimes the folks here get sort of upset when they see a new friend has kind of “taken their place.” My job is to convince/persuade them that it is only part of the circle of life and that everything will come back around.  I want them to feel happy about their family’s decision to adopt a new companion and I talk about the importance of animal adoption of course and how people need to do that because there are so many folks that needs homes whether they are a dog, a cat, horse or a bird. So far in there have been several people in class that have really been upset because they see their families having so much fun with a new puppy, kitten or whatever…So, that is my new task. The subject fits perfectly into the Time For Joy Class and Loving 101. I am very happy with the classes I have created. Since starting them as an adjunct teacher, I am now a full professor because of all the positive comments from the students! I know, I know you are proud of me. Of course! I am your Sweet Bailey Girl!

I think I am good at this job because of my ultra-sensitive nature. Hmmm, who does that remind me of? HA! Well, now you are updated. I wish you would finish our book. I know we are close.I guess if we did not have other jobs we would have been done by now, right? Oh and by the way, congrats on all YOUR new clients. I know you love what you do and I am very happy you are helping Dr. Victoria with the benefit and the website too!

I love you Mommy. You are my role model and I think we just simply inspire each other. I miss Daddy and Safari and I sure would love to tangle with Joy! Give them all my hugs and wet doggy kisses. I am always close by. I know you know and feel that. Send me a new picture of our tree next time. I know it must be getting big a whole year later.

I could not love you more,

Your Sweet Bailey…..xoxooxox