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Dear Mom,

I get to go first because the book is really all about me, right? Ha! This is our 100th letter, can you believe it? I can hardly imagine all this time has passed, 429 days since we last saw each other to be exact. Where does the time go? If you would have told me that I would have gone from being your simple, walk-in-the-park-meet-people-Bailey Girl, to a very busy teacher who helps dogs, cats and other animals deal with their new life over the Rainbow Bridge, I would have told you that you were crazy! You and I were always busy riding around in the car or going into the stores in Florida together (I loved that!) and I sat by you while you wrote; now I have to write all these things for classes that I never dreamed of teaching. It’s funny how things work out sometimes.

I am so happy you had this idea to write to each other. Of course this was bound to happen because we are so close it truly is amazing. The fact that you always receive my signs and rainbows and sense the moments in the breeze when I am near is astounding to me and I want others who are so close on earth to know that when they are separated by one’s passing, they can still be together. It is beautiful here in Hyfryd, but our life was beautiful together on earth as well. I am happy I found you Joy and that she is a good dog that follows in my paw steps, because she did have big paws to fill! haha!

I go back to work on the 7th and I assume by then you will be arranging for the book to be published, RIGHT? You had better be because everyone here wants copies and I promised to bring it to class. I am sure you will be able to arrange for a special delivery to get me some, since I am its star character! I know this will take a little bit of time, but not oo much! Get busy! I know you will, you are as excited as I am, of that I am sure.

So there is only 90 more minutes until 2013 and that means our book will be published and the second one commences! I could not have anything more exciting to look forward to. Please kiss Papa, Safari and Joy for me. I send you my love and doggy kisses via the wind and I know you do the same. Okay your turn. Write me back before midnight. The year is to be a great one. I love you more than anything.

xoxo00, Your Sweet Bailey Girl

Dear Bailey,

Happy New Year my sweet girl. I always seem to have a story for you. I was cleaning out the desk drawer the other day when I cam across a tiny sim card, which I guess is from old, not-smart phone. I put it into the thingy that connects to the computer so I could see what was on there and those two sepia tone pictures of you and two videos, one of you and one of Safari were on it. The two pictures were from the first week you were adopted. I can see one is at Dr. Crago’s office when I brought you in to be checked out after adopting the sweetest senior girl on earth. You look emaciated in those early pictures so it’s amazing what you wound up looking like later after you got good food, love and care from us –  that is why I put those next to each other for you and all to see. I always saw your gorgeous face, even when you were so ridiculously underweight and in need of  a little medical care.

It was your big brown eyes,  and the kiss you gave me at the shelter. That one true  kiss said, “Take me with you, please. I have been here for a whole year and even though I am the office dog I hate sleeping here with other barking dogs. I want a soft place to sleep and people to love me.” What did it take me? Five minutes to tell them, I wanted to take you home? Maybe less. We belonged together that is for sure. I had no doubt in my mind just as I had no doubt that when you left me that we would continue to love each other and communicate forever and share our story with others. I want people to know they too can be connected no matter where they are physically. Love, after all, is a state of mind and heart.

Yes, yes I will begin to put the wheels in motion to get the book published as soon as possible. We are ready for book 2 now. I cannot believe so much time has passed but not a day goes by when you are not spoke of. I got the stats on how many people read this blog this year and I am dumbfounded. People from all over the world read our letters, so I am hopeful that more people would receive our message if it was in book form. If we help only 1 person that would be amazing, right? I want to hear how your first day of classes goes in this new year, so write me after that, okay and I will give you a report on the state of the book which needs a lot of editing.

I miss you everyday my sweet girl; our story will continue.. I am sending New year’s love to  You,  Onwen, Tarzan, Cheetah, Freedom, Lucky and everyone else. You are my lovely inspiration and it all started with a true kiss between us.

Here is to the next 100 letters…… My Forever Love,