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Bailey sweetness

Dear Bailey,

WOW! We have never been so late in writing back. It’s a new year and it is already February 6th! I think we are both guilty, but I have a great excuse which will make you very happy.

I am almost – ALMOST – done editing the book. We are on our way, or shall I say, you are on the way to being the famous doggie diva you have always wanted to be. The person we are working with is Sara Ann. She is very nie and isn’t it funny her name is Sara, even spelled the way I like? Remember I told you that it was going to be a lot of work and as it turns out it really is! The key has been finding blocks of time for editing and after I get all the pages done I have to do the painstaking task of choosing pictures to go into your book. The fact that you are so beautiful does not help matters, but I have to limit the number we can use.

The other thing I had to do was change the theme of this blog and I had taken just about forever to make a decision until I found this one, which oddly is called Chateau. That seems fitting for a Princess like you. I felt the next series of letters should look different on here at least.

So to say things have been crazy busy is an understatement and I am sure that your classes are well under way since you said you were going back to school on the 7th of January and here we are a month late!

I wanted to bring you the exciting news about the book. I am working as fast as I can! Write me back and let me know how the new year started for you my sweet girl. I feel like there have not been enough signs lately, except Sara’s name- which I truly knew was  your doing and I love you for it. The title is Letters To Each Other.

We took Joy on the boat for the first time and I took a picture just like the one I have of you. In the next letters I will send them side by side. You will like it. I miss you sweet girl. Write me tomorrow, please. I long to hear from you.

Always with love….me