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Bailey Joy Wind

Happy Birthday Mommy,

I am starting to write this at 11:31pm. At midnight it will be your birthday and even though your dad and sister already called tonight I wanted to beat everyone else for tomorrrow.

I am sorry I have been so late with my letter as well. Looks like we are both guilty of that, but I know how you have been so busy with the book and can i even EXPLAIN HOW EXCITED I AM???

This is your birthday gift, this picture, Bailey and Joy’s Wind. I know you took it, but I wanted to make it a part of our story. Look at how cute we are! I want to write more and I will tomorrrow, but I had classes today and am so tired.

I just wanted to say I love you and I will update you on everything ON your birthday. I could not have been luckier to get any other mom in the whole world. I miss you so very much, but remain inside your heart just as you wear my ruby heart around your neck. We are always together. Always. Till tomorrrow! Good health and joyous days to my sweet mommy…. Love from yoru sweet Bailey girl!