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744 PS I LOVE this picture of us!


I just had to write ON the day. My note last night was very short, I know, but I told you that I would write today as well and I am keeping that promise.

Since the first fo the year, classes have been very busy. There seems to be a lot of bad things going on down on earth with animal abuse and we find it very sad here in Hyfryd. We have seen too many of our animal friends coming to the classes, especially Loving You 101, to find about why they were harmed there. I have had to enlist Onwen and Telwyn to assistant teach and Barkley of course. Tarzan, Cheetah and Freedom and Lucky have taken over the cat version of the class and actually rewrote some of the lesson plans to be more fitting for cats specifically. They are doing an excellent job – all of them, but of course they would because they were your babies!!

When are they going to pass some real legislation on earth to prosecute the criminals who perpetrate these evil acts against harmless creatures? I mean these are the lowest of the low, right? I know you agree but it is very hard to get the abused to realize that is had nothing to do with them. The good news is that they are all happy they are here because they have fun all day and have lots of friends and all the food they want and no one is hurting. Their bodies are “PUUURFECT!”

It’s just all so sad. So I have really been working hard on that class in particular and I wish it did not have as many participants as it does!

Enough with all the sad stuff though. I wanted to say that I know it was just 9 months on the 12th that Joy came to live with you and I see she is doing well and is VERY happy and playful. I wish she would stop the itching, as I know you want to help her and you have done so many different things. I do think you will find that it’s the just the environment; plants and things in nature. She will be fine. Joy si a tough one I can tell. She has a real spirit to her. She reminds me of you SO MUCH! I knew she was perfect for you and that is why I led her to you. This is your first birthday with her in your life too! I cannot believe that you are 54. You look good though!

My wish for you mommy is to always have good health because if you have it then you can take care of everyone because they need you to and you are SO GOOD at it!!!

So I wish you a very, happy year ahead and this is OUR year for the book! YAY! I am so excited. You have GOT to finish the editing already! I know, that is your least favorite part, but it is work that needs to be done so get busy! You are almost done but I am thinking you are scared to be done with it. Don’t be. We are already working on book 2 in the series. We will never lose this EVER! I will always be next to you, near you and in communication and so will you. It is just us and part of who we are.

I love you so much. I hear you talk about me all the time and I do the same here in Hyfryd. I hope that you had a great day. Write me soon.Nose to Nose Kisses from your Sweet Bailey Girl! xoxoxo