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img_07371Dearest Bailey,

Okay, Okay, I know. My apologies this time for being so delayed in my letter, but I have been working hard to get the book all together! I am so excited for you to see it. Getting all the pictures in one place was a lot of work too! Who could have a book about you without pictures? You are so photogenic and beautiful! I love this picture of you running on the beach. Not sure Joy can go there with all the other dogs and people might be too much for her. Not you! You loved all the people and doggies – well most of them.

How are your classes? I expect that you will be entering Spring break this week or next? Are you going to get to relax? I need this trip to restore so I can complete the work needed for the book because our team is waiting! I was planning on getting a lot of work done today as well. It’s so exciting, but then I think once it is done, it will be over and that sort of makes me sad, as I have enjoyed the process, but I have to say that reading everything over and over again made me cry more than once.

Then, I ran into Evan the other day at Starbucks and I asked how his Bailey was and he told me that she crossed over the Rainbow Bridge two weeks ago, so you need to look for that little Sheltie. She was 14, so she led a great life, but he is very sad, just like I was. I told him about our blog and the book coming out and hopefully it will help him.

I hope that you are well my lovely girl. Soon, we will be going back North and I will see how much our tree has grown. I do not expect it to have grown too much as winter has been very cold there. When I am at sea, I will think of you. Send me your signs – you know which ones I mean and if you get the chance to write me back today, please do I miss you!!! Give me love to Barkley, Onwen, Tarzan, Cheetah, Freedom and Lucky for me. You are my great leader of all things good.

With infinite amounts of kisses and hugs….

me xoxoox