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baileys book cover Dear Mommy,

I see how hard you have been working! Thank you for your diligence I am glad that you chose this picture for the cover of our book! I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited! I am the talk of the town of course. We just finished our Spring break and classes have now resumed. I posted information about Letters to Each Other in every school in EVERY surrounding town. I hope that we get great distribution and lots of people read our story because it certainly is one full of happiness and love.

Still, I cannot imagine how you chose the cover picture because you took more pictures of me in three years that most people take in 20! I am glad that you are featuring many pictures in the book as well. I cannot wait to get copies and I am sure you cannot either.

Not to change the subject, but did you know that Molly came over the Bridge? You must know by now. She looked for Barkley and I immediately, so you can tell John, Tracy, Brad and Ashley that Molly is here with us. In fact, we moved her in with Barkley. They are so happy being roommates again and you might remember I live next door! I know that you wanted to say goodbye to Molly and you did not get the chance, but she knows how much you loved her and she is so happy now because she has full use of her legs and she can romp and play like she was a pup! You should see her! I tell you one thing, that Molly is a great eater! She is scarfing down all the great food here! Nothing wrong with her appetite! That is the amazing thing about our world, mommy – the trade-off. It’s all about that. When you first arrive, you feel like you have to give up so much because you are separated temporarily  from the ones you love more than anything. And while it is temporary, you never know how long it will be until you see them again, or if they will even chose to come where we are. What we get in return is health.

You always said health was the number one most important thing in life. It is better than any present in the world. People forget that or they would take better care of themselves over there on earth! Oddly, that really IS the gift. We all can run and play and chase the wind without any pain or strife. That is the BEST! yes, it is hard to live with out our people, but we make friends and our friends fill our life here in Hyfryd and for those who want to do some good, like me, there is opportunity.

I am just so happy about our book and I appreciate you working so hard on it. I love you so much and I know you love me too. I miss you much, but am happy Joy has turned out to give you just that. I made sure of that! Isn’t it interesting that finding Joy gave you a chance to promote something you love just for the heck of it? Dr. Vic and you needed each other. I knew that. Just know I knew everything from the moment I kissed you at Angels for Animals. We were going to be a team and you knew it too. From July 20, 2008 till forever, it’s you and me….

All My Loving,

Your Bailey Girl

PS: WRITE SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!