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Greetings From Hyfryd…

It seems i owe you two letters, don’t I? Well, for now this will suffice. I see how hard you have been on our book. I did not realize there were SO MANY steps to getting it completed. I will be so excited when I see the first hard copy in your hand.

I heard you talking to the people on the phone today. So you have to still write the acknowledgements! That might be harder than the back of the book. You still have stuff to do! I appreciate your dedication to this project and I hope that I have been very helpful – yeah, I know I am.

So let me tell you what is going on here. First off, Molly is doing well; I knew you would want to know that and tell all the Zaboroski’s that she is fine and Barkley is SO happy to have welcomed her into her home, which you know is right next door to my den. Did I tell you I have been doing some remodeling?  You will really like this bit of news: Since coming here, you know I am kind of the queen diva, (ha!) so everyone likes to hang out at my den. Well, your other favorite people, Tarzan, Cheetah, Freedom and Lucky are over here so much and as I told you they don’t live too far, but I decided that I would build a “Cat-dition.” What is that you ask? It’s an addition onto the den for all of them so we can all live together. You know I love cats and we see so much of each other, it just made sense.

I have them all working in the school to help with the cat clients who take the classes, like Loving 101. The addition is going to be very large and I am having all sorts of special climbing things added to walls – it will so cool! There will be a common door so we can just get into each other’s spaces easily. They are all so excited. We all talked about it and I know they were as special to you as I was and thankfully they were in your life for many, many years. We thought you would like the fact that we all love each other and wanted to be close. I hope this makes you very happy and I cannot wait to hear what you think of my little surprise!

So that is my bit of news and I hope that it makes you smile – I already know that it does! Write me soon and get busy on those little extras you need to do for the book! I cannot wait to see the designs they come up with so make sure you forward them to me! I love you so much and Tarzie, Cheetie, Freedom and Lucky all send their love too….. With all my heart and wet kisses, Your Bailey Girl….