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Kiss in the Sky

Dear Bailey,

Did you know the book was about to be finished? This must have been your kiss in the sky for me and I really loved it. I am sorry I have been sooooooooo remiss in getting back to you but you know I have been frantically working to get our book done and to the publisher. I have also been working to create a website for it too and like, you I am always so busy working!

What has been interesting is the editing. I have read it over and over and  hope I have caught all the misspellings but what has moved me the most is how connected we remain and yes, always will be. I have to admit that during this book process I have cried – a lot. Sorry. You know me, I am just a big mushball and perhaps I am too sentimental, but I think it’s one of my good qualities. I am empathetic and I think MORE people should be! Having to read our work over and over brings up so many memories. Also yesterday I got some bad news. Remember when you told me that only very special human people get to cross over the Rainbow Bridge? Well, I learned that my ffriend and former vet Marla, from Chicago, is not doing well and that her cancer has taken over her beautiful person. It has not however, taken her soul, which is one of the sweetest ones I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. When we first adopted you and you were having all sorts of problems with your tummy, I called her to discuss them. Even though I did not even live in Chicago anymore, she was always willing to chat about the problems fur kids face. I mention her in our book, if you recall. She was the one who always told me, “Sherri, I know you love cats, but having a dog is a different relationship.” I have always remembered that and I will always remember her. Always. I want you tell everyone out there to look out for Marla Menuskin. She is a special one, alright. No one ever hugged me harder and longer than her. She is genuine love. Keep an eye out for her, please.

We will be heading up north soon and you know I will anxious to see your tree and see how much bigger it has gotten. I miss you so much and cannot believe how much time has passed. At this time last year we were planning on meeting Joy. This year her birthday will land exactly on Mother’s Day. How perfect is that? Did you have anything to do with the calendar this year? Somehow I think you all have magical powers in Hyfryd, but no one more than you.

Write me soon sweet girl and I will look forward to your letter. Thank you again for your sky kiss. It was a perfect gift for Mother’s Day or any other day….

Loving you all the time,