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Hi MOMMY!!!!!!!!!!!

I KNOW, I KNOW! At least I am writing back on Mother’s Day! I have been so busy wrapping up my classes for summer. School is over and the break is MUCH needed! I want you to know that EVERYONE here is going to want a copy of our book, so you had better get me lots of copies! I am so proud of you on completing our book, Letters to Each Other. When do you get the preview copy for approval? After you approve that then it goes on the market!  ROO ROOO! It’s been a long process, huh Mommy? I am overjoyed! Well, I am pretty proud of myself too since I am the co-author. Everyone here thinks I am celebrity and they are setting up a book signings here in Hyfryd and some neighboring towns.  I decided to not teach this summer and just work on promotion of the book and the rehab of the den–it is coming along so beautifully.

You and daddy taught me that it is really good to live in open space, so when this is done it is going to be so great. It will only take about another month and it will be complete. Tarzan, Cheetah and Freedom as so excited about moving in permanently and being attached. Well, you know me, I always liked to be attached! I see Joy sisthat way too. HA! I saw the other night when you told her to go have a pee right before bed and she would not go until you put the leash on her.  WHO does THAT remind you of? She makes me laugh because in certain ways she is very much like me, so it is no wonder you love her so much.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOY, MY BEAUTIFUL SISTER! I wanted to say Happy Birthday to Joy, because I know it is one year TODAY (!) since you adopted her. It’s so cool that today her birthday lands on Mother’s Day!!!! Can you believe how fast time flies?  I miss you so very much, but I since I get special abilities that allow me to see some things from here, I feel like I am living along side of you, just very quietly, like intuition does.

Well, I just wanted to wish you a good day mommy. I hope you have fun day and I love you so much. SO MUCH! I am in your mind and heart forever and ever and you are in mine. I know you are thinking strongly of me today, as I am of you.

Always With Love and Kisses,

Your Sweet Bailey