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bailey looking upDearest Bailey,

I just wanted you to know that I was thinking about you today. I was lying in Bob and Jamie’s pool on a raft, staring at the sky after working on two long press releases and I needed a break from the computer.

Often when I look up, I think of you and wonder what you are doing and if you are looking at me. At that very moment a big bird appeared out of no where and was swooping the mostly cloudy sky. It was a dark bird, so he or she contrasted well against the clouds. As soon as I whispered, “Bailey is that you?” The bird swooped more down and then up again toward the big cloud that blocked the sun. It sailed on the air as I watched it and then it went through the cloud and I could no longer see it.

I always take those as signs of you, those little pieces of nature that just tends to happen randomly, I love those quiet moments because they are rare for me and so needed. When I do have those quiet moments, I am glad that my thoughts turn to you my sweet girl. I miss you so much; you can never know how much. Joy continues to be a joy and that is all because you took the time to find me the perfect girl. Papa said today, “Joy is so much like you!” I told him that he always said the same thing about you and me! Although I have always seen myself as more of a cat, the only dog I could ever be is a Border Collie because of their wonderful work ethic which is so important to me.

I just wanted to say if that was you, thanks for “appearing,” in whatever shape or form you can accommodate. You are so near and dear to me, I truly feel your presence everyday, I really do and I hope you feel the same.

By the way, I am awaiting the arrival of the first printed book before it really goes to press. I have to read it cover to cover once again to make sure it is perfect! I am so excited and I know you are as well.

Goodnight my beautiful girl. Write me soon. I await your words. Your love I have, always.

From Earth to the Sky,   xoxoxoox