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I KNOW, I KNOW! I AM SO SORRY! It was NOT that I was not excited that the book arrived! I AM SO excited, except it was only the proof copy! haha! Okay, I know I am being terrible, but I know you that YOU KNEW it was me the other day when you felt that bug gently kiss you on the face! Then today I told that bird to chirp and then I rustled the leaves on our tree at Buhl Park! You know that was my apology for not writing sooner. I have JUST been so crazy busy finishing up the den – it is all finished now and it’s so big! Tarzie, Cheetah and Freedom’s place are all attached and of course Barkley – It’s like we have 3 Towndog Dens in one! It is fantastic!!

I really am so excited. I cannot WAIT though until it is finally ALL done and in your hands and at the library and everywhere! Having the summer off is so nice, but I do have some preparation to do before classes start in the Fall again, but it will be nice to just play and have some fun now that the big project is finally done. Our place in the coolest in Hyfryd. Everyone comes by to admire it. I know that sounds a bit braggadocios, but it is really true! haha! We love it. I have to tell you that Tarzan of yours is quite the funny guy. He is a really good worker. He is so feisty, I can only imagine what HE was like as a kitten. Cheetah told me she used to unravel all the toilet paper when she was a kitten. She is so puuuurrrrrfect, I cannot imagine her doing anything wrong. You really have quite a long history mommy of interesting critter characters! Every one of them are so wonderful. Freedom is the most cuddly thing, always rubbing up against me. You could not have had better cats.  Being your first and very best dog (yeah, yeah I know you LOVE Joy too! – It’s Ok!) well, I know I set the bar high because I am a nice girl now aren’t I mommy?

I know I just do not write back fast enough sometimes and I feel especially bad about it since you told me the book was complete. Call them tomorrow and see what is going on with your final edit! I know you will listen to my advice because you have to as I AM THE CO-AUTHOR!

Well, I just wanted to say how much I love you and how proud I am that we will soon be promoting our book – that is the next project! You always have so much work on your desk mommy, sometimes I feel bad for you but I know you like it most of the time, just like me. We girls rather be busy than bored! Write me back soon, even though I do not deserve a letter so quickly – haha! I will be seeing you at the park! I am very jealous of all the whipped crème Joy gets at Starbucks, by the way. I could not have it very often due to my sensitive tummy, but now I can have all I want and it’s ALWAYS in my fridge! It’s so sweet, just like YOU!

I love you so very much and miss you each day,

Your Sweet Bailey Girl