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Okay, before you start on me for being REALLY, REALLY late in writing back, I wanted to tell you that I saw you in Paris. I know you did not see a rainbow or anything like that, but I was with you everywhere and I was really there for a long time in Monet’s Garden!  Did you see how many pink and red flowers there were there? Did you see all those little bees flitting about? Yes, that was me and I guess that you already knew that!

I know I have been really bad about writing back. I do not know what is wrong with me. I am getting worried about it actually. I know we talk at our tree all the time with Joy, but  have just had the busiest summer and I have been lacking in my writing, and I do apologize! Forgive me – I know you do! ha-ha!

So the EXCITING news you are going to tell me is that the final, final, final copy of our book is on its way for your approval. PLEASE do not see anything wrong with it! I have been telling EVERYONE that it’s ALMOST HERE! I know you got the news today that it’s on the way. Gish I hope this one is perfect! I cannot wait until it is available! I could not be more excited about it and I know that you are too! In Hyfryd it is big news!

What else can I tell you? Paris was amazing for you and daddy right? It’s the place for lovers and DOGGIES! Did you know that Paris is the most dog FRIENDLY city in the world?  I LOVE that doggies can goo INTO RESTAURANTS!!! How GREAT of an IDEA is that?! Personally, I think that is how it should be everywhere and I am sure that you would agree as well.  Dogs and food just go together so perfectly!

I do not have that much news to report. The new Dog TownDen is so great and I love living with Tarzan, Cheetah and Freedom. They sure miss you and Tarzan has told me many stories about you! Seems like you have not changed at all and that is a good thing!

I know you both got in very, very late from the airport last night and that you are so tired, so I will let you go to sleep. Write me another letter and I promise to write back. I am starting to get my classes ready as they resume at the end of August.  I LOVE YOU SO MUCH and miss you terribly.

All my love and heart,

Your Sweet Bailey girl