So you saw me Yes! it was me – Did you get it? You sniffed the air and I was the plane!!!!  An airplane could not just have appeared out of nowhere at that very second you did that, now could it? I was zooming over you because I did not want you to feel really alone in the park without me; I know yesterday was a very hard day for you. When you were driving over there, I knew you would start feeling upset. I saw you look back in the rearview mirror, as you always did on the way to the park, to make sure I was okay in the back of the van; but you took the Honda CRV. I remember that is the car I jumped into so fast when you took me out of the shelter. I was so happy to get the heck out of there. I thought, This is my mommy and we are going to our home – I am so excited!

Our home was the best, although I must say it’s pretty nice over here over the Rainbow Bridge (RB, as they like to say around here). admittedly not as special as being home with you and daddy. I see you keep looking for me. I know you did not throw out all my food yet, but that was great that you gave the Revolution Medicine to Ruffed Up Rescue! That will be very helpful to the dogs there. You never did spare any expense when it came to me that is for sure.  In return however, I gave you every ounce of love in me and everyone could see it that is why we got all those compliments everywhere we went and gosh we got to go to a lot of places together and I am forever grateful.

Today I was helping Barkley. She is so tiny, she needed some help getting her food from The Doggie Daze, – that is where we get our chow and treats! I went with her because she had eaten everything and needed help carrying things back. She is such a funny girl, we are great friends. I always loved her smell. I still love to poop over at her house instead of mine and just like before we live right next door. She was wondering about Molly and Dozer. I told her that Tracy and John missed her very much. I saw how Molly was barking around noon a few times this past week and you gave her some of my treats I left her. I know she loves them. It’s good that I can see everything; I wish you could too, but that is why I can sometimes send you signs like that place. The moment sometimes might be fleeting, but I know you feel it.

I am sorry that seeing only a few leaves left on our tree made you cry. It’s a young tree remember – it will bloom green for us in the Spring and you will be back at Buhl Park. Maybe by the end of next summer I can work on finding you another Border Collie or Collie! Should we get a girl or boy? I am undecided about that – I know you would have one of each if  daddy had no say so! haha! It is a lot of work, as you know, but Oh! the joy! Tomorrow Cocoa, Ginger and I are going to an agility competition/show in Dembark. It’s a nice walk, only 2 miles. I am entered to be in and Ging and Cocoa are rooting me on. I AM a Border Collie you know – you never got to see me in my puppy days – I was quite the agile gal, jumping over stuff for treats! So I will write you and let you know how I do. There are three prizes. The first prize, which I am hoping to win, is a big steak! You know I love my beefy treats! It does not really matter cause you  can have all the food you want over here, it’s more the idea of winning and making you proud of me – I KNOW… already are proud of me…..Who loves me more than you mommy? NO ONE!  I love you so very dearly. I will write again tomorrrow…..Nose to nose with all my love, Your Sweet Bailey Girl…..xoxooxoxox