Sweet Bailey,

So did you win your agility contest? I bet you did! I was rooting for you of course!

Today was a hard day. Since you went over the Rainbow Bridge, I have not wanted to talk to all the people who have been calling on the phone and today I was forced to.  The problem for me is that when I talk about you out loud I just start crying. I cannot help myself. It’s not even two weeks and we spent so little time apart from each other, I cannot get used to not having you asking me for something at every waking moment. Safari does not want as many kisses as you did; although he does seem to enjoy being king of the castle again; remember he was for 7 years before you came along!

The house seems so boring and empty and very quiet without you in it. We are getting ready to leave for Florida and that too will not be the same without you. We leave on Wednesday. I will write again tomorrow, but after that I will have to write on Friday, 11-11-11, which will be two weeks and that will be an awful day. However, I expect you to write to me and let me know about the contest and everything you and Barkley are up to!  Many poeple are now reading your journal. You now have email set up so anyone can privately write to you at bailey@baileysjournal.com – you had said that you wanted an email. You can also use Bailey@maddickmedia.com since will always be my associate at large, with your larger than life personality. By the way, did you know there was a font called Bailey? I changed my computer to use that font on all my email messages and yours will be in that font too– you now have your own font and email, so I fully expect to hear from you all the time because I live for your letters and I like to hear everything about RB and your pals. We miss you Bailey. Write me soon.

With all my love and kisses,  Your Mommy