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Mommy! You know how when we would run down the path in our forest and I would run past you, you would always yell,  Bailey Wins! Bailey Wins! I really won this time, cause I know how when I was not able to run as fast you would go slow and let me win – I KNEW you were doing that you know! The contest was fun we had these small hurdles to jump over and I did all of them in the fastest time. I wasn;t even tired! It was so great! You should have heard Barkley barking her head off, encouraging me! She is too funny.

I see you were having bad day with those stupid people at Comcast. They ARE ineffcient! Do you think it was coincidence that after you hung with them all discouraged that Garrison Keillor came on reading Aaron Kramer’s beautiful poems called Dogs? I TOLD Garrison to do that. I know you love his voice so I knew it would be a good choice for today’s Writer’s Almanac on NPR. Yet, you cried your eyes out missing me – I heard you. I know you are struggling with us being apart, but I do not want you to be sad that is not who you are and it certianly is not me! I am miss cheerful you know that! So, I thought I would write you real quick before your internet service gets put on vacation too (even though you did not want it to go on today!) I want you to stay away from the computer today and do other things, okay. You can write me when you get to Florida- you have a lot to do. I am sorry I won’t be riding with you down there in the car, but I am with you in your heart no matter where you go. I am not EVER leaving you – you should know that since we were attached at the hip. If you counted the hours we were ever apart in would not be very many that is for sure. I love you mommy, we make the best team even in spirit….I will save up all my adventures for a big letter when you get to FL, okay? I love you so very much….Big Wet Kisses, Your Bailey Girl