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Dear Bailey,

I am so glad that you won your agility contest. I knew you would. Bailey ALWAYS wins! haha. You love winning, because you are competitive like me!

Well, we are in Florida now. Every rest stop reminded me of how much you loved to sniff around and meet other dogs, but oddly, this trip saw the least amount of dogs. There were not as many as usual, which did not help me any, I was still sad.  Today is Sunday and we just got here late Friday afternoon. I have not seen Kevin’s golf cart yet, but when I see Zoe and Angel riding around in it, it will yet be another reminder that you are not here to borrow it and take you for rides. How you loved that golf cart with your tail hanging off the side, blowing in the light breeze. Everywhere I go, I see you; where we would drive. I saw an ad for Dillard’s in today’s paper and thought how you loved to go inside and meet the sales people. They all loved you and offered you treats because you were so nice.

We spent so much time together that nothing does not remind me of you, which makes this very hard. Safari went out on the lead today in the yard. he’ll probably puke up the grass later, but I am not sure what he wants to do about a new buddy. There is a new VERY friendly stray gray cat hanging around. She is big fluff ball, but who knows if she is healthy or not. I am sure Safari would like a new doggie friend, but I feel there has to be a sign from you and you already told me NOT YET!  (I really hope you send me a nice Border Collie or Collie). We are going on a couple of cruises; the first one for 10 days next month. We really need a vacation badly. I am just concerned about Safari being lonely, but the neighbors will take good care of him. We really only not see him for 8 days, since we see him the first day we leave and the day we get back… I think how much he will appreciate me when I return. You both always did but then you had Lu or Bev to stay with you the last few times. I just don’t want him to think that we left him too. I know you are saying he will be fine and I am sure that you are correct.

Everyone down here misses you too. I am going to see Mai this morning – you know she moved her business into the Flamingo Flea Market and wants me to start working on her stuff PR stuff again. She is doing very well now, and I am happy for her. Well, Russell is ready to head over there. I love you Bailey – write me later – I have not heard from you in days and you said you would write me with all your new adventures – so I expect to hear from you later today! Sending you 10,000 nose to nose kisses…..Mommy