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Mommy! I miss you too! I know you were crying when you were alone in the car today – I always see you – just know that. Well, the first two weeks here in Hyfryd have been a ton of fun. I am always busy – and as you know us Border Collies LOVE to be busy; especially me! BUT, I have to say that during your drive to FL I was thinking how I wish I could have been with you. It kind of all hit me that I will have to settle for these letters. I too wish you could reach out and kiss me and hug me and stroke my fur like you always did so sweetly. I keep thinking that our 3 years, 4 months and 8 days were the best years of my life EVER and TRULY. As I told you I do not even remember what my life was like before the year I spent in the shelter. I think I have blocked it out of my head. Whoever had me first were jerks because who would want to give me up to a shelter? YOU Never would have even when I did not listen as well as I should have.

When I look back at those pictures you took when I first came to live with you, I was so scrawny and I had nolong  hair cause they shaved me stupidly! You know I HATED having any hair cut! You took such good care of me – you really did. I always felt that there was nothing you would not do for me. I knew that and as a senior dog when we met, that was so important to me – you must know that.  Our senior years are never as easy as our youthful ones, so having someone love you so much and take such great care is truly such a gift you gave me. I know you loved me (and STILL DO I MAY ADD!) more than anything and I felt the same from minute I kissed you at the shelter. I kissed you because I knew I was supposed to be with you. I remember how fast you made your decision and the folks at the shelter said, “you’re really taking her tonight?” You said, “Yes I am!”  It’s funny, I entered your life on a Friday and I left our life together on a Friday – We came full circle at least, even though it would have never been enough time, Mommy. You put more love and energy into that time then ANY doggie could have ever asked for, and for that I am so very grateful and proud to call you mine. I will always be with you like you said. I know everyone is telling you to get another dog to make you feel better – but do not listen to them. I will let you know, I promise I will. You would not feel any better just because you had another dog and you know that and I know that. The reason you have all these feelings is that you do carry me in your heart and we will never be apart – even when you get another dog – cause I will be giving you some of my sage advice – hehehe.

I want you to know that no matter how much fun it is here in Hyfryd over the Rainbow Bridge, I miss your touch and scent and all the love you bestowed on me every second of the day, but you are with me too, because I carry you inside me as well. True love stories Mommy, never really end and ours never will. I really wanted just to tell you all this tonight instead of writing about what is going on. But, I can tell you that Cocoa, Ginger and Barkley and I had lunch again yesterday under a RED MAPLE tree that was way bigger than the one you bought me at Buhl Park, since here it has been growing for years. It’s Fall here too. yes the colors change here, but then you get summer again – you would love that right! We get the changing colors to the Fall colors but then they turn green after a month – the leaves never fall off they just change magically somehow back to Green – it sounds very interesting. Hyfryd has a lot of gorgeous trees just like at Buhl Park, so here I am with my very beautiful red Coach Collar you got me, the most stylish girl in town! You have the leash and we will always be attached.

With all my love 4ever and ever and ever, Your Sweet Bailey Girl xoxoxoox