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My Sweet Girl,

I took the last of your Newman’s Organic Dog food to Petsmart yesterday to donate to homeless dogs who live at a shelter just like you did before we met in 2008. Did I tell you that I had read on Facebook a shelter in Charlotte, NC that needed heartworm medicine and I still had five doses of your Revolution, so I mailed it to Amber at Ruffed Up Rescue – isn’t that a sweet name? I was thinking that since you crossed over the Rainbow Bridge, you still keep on giving – but that is the kind of gal you always were and still are, I am sure over there in Hyfryd.

The stationary I had made with your picture came today as well and a big magnet bearing your name so it’s like you are still taking rides in the car with us only sadly, I cannot turn around and have you there barking at me. I miss that so very much. I meant to tell you to ask around for a collie mix named Bagels from Chicago. That was my dog for one week when April and I were kids. Our mom gave him to my grandmother though because he peed once in the house. He was only a little puppy and we were heartbroken, although we got to be with Bagles almost every weekend at her house. I only have a couple of pics of him, but he was a collie mix and so sweet. If you see him you might want to be friends, he would be a good friend I am sure.

Today I worked on some projects and then ran a couple of errands – not too much to report to you. I did want to tell you that I wrote you a poem which I thought came out really well – you can read it and let me know in your next letter how you like it. I wrote it in New Bedford one night after sitting on the rocks staring at your grave, The moon was full and new and your mums were still in bloom. It was a cold clear night and very beautiful. You always inspire me….I will await your next letter….Love and kisses, nose to nose, mommy

For Bailey

Red Maple Winds
Skip Leaves at my feet
Yours I hear
… in their landing

New Moons;
Full moons
Enlighten senses
of your place beyond me

Slipped into Fall
The Colors of you
Shed life with leaves
that fall fast as my tears